TOPIC: Sack the coach

blockerhall Re:Sack the coach 1 week 3 days ago #239

Well I will toss Menegola and de Boer into the mix
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CaptSnooze Sack the coach 1 week 3 days ago #240

Lachie was the consummate professional at Freo, but now plays with love for the game, in a fresh, settled gameplan.
As does Chris Mayne.

While we're on Mark Harvey... Davo we were told to get over a chain of very un-Freo steamrollering under an aggressive rebranding. The problem with 'get-it-done' ethical vacuums, is they come back to bite you, as my local council found when trying to plonk a huge money-spinning theme park onto the best playing fields in the South Metro without warning. Ensuing strong local community opposition was ignored, and the community publicly insulted and put down by a very arrogant developer. Then came the whispers of secret conflicts of interests, preferences for mates, mistruths to get grants, to which council responded with legal threats and suppression of the debate, assisted by a compliant media. Local elections are in October. Freo, while not so dastardly, also likes to write its own narrative, slowly losing touch with its demographic.. The club is due a High Noon moment before long, where present rumblings of fan disconnect & disenfranchisement can be traced right back to the Branding-President ( Harris) years. He may be long gone, but his autocratic culture of keeping supporters to a strictly controlled narrative has not. So Davo I can't be bothered starting to build the bridge let alone get over it. Mentally detached these days and membership-less (until it returns to being something of substance), I buy a ticket on the day, and look forward to a governing board shouldering its responsibilities and putting a broom through the senior admin. I can dream.
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guy smiley, hypen, Bizkit, cletus, Snail, DazzElle, Raglan Matt, teasea, freo00, Burton said You Beaut

Davo Sack the coach 1 week 3 days ago #241

Mate, it's pretty simple. Forget about who is President or CEO. Sack the coach and the team will improve straight away. It's already happened with two teams this season.

The only problem is he's got a year left and >$1M owing if we were to do it.
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CaptSnooze said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn Sack the coach 1 week 3 days ago #242

Corporal Agarn
I really would like an eloboration on your thoughts macdaddy. Firstly Lobb has only been with us for one year but your claiming he's been better for the last two years?
Personally I disagree, both he and Conca have been very similar in their output and stats at their previous clubs to us. Happy to be wrong though.

Can you or any other Roly believers please explain what he has done that justifies in him keeping his job.
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shane Sack the coach 1 week 3 days ago #243

“We need to become a tougher club and we need to become a tougher team – a bit more ruthless,” Lyon said. “We’re just maybe a little bit nice at the minute. But I think that’ssomething I can help coach.”

Fits with my theory that he's trying to get the club to sack him. Like the way telemarketers coach you to be rude on the phone.
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Grub said You Beaut

rogerrocks Sack the coach 1 week 2 days ago #244

Sack the CEO.
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Raglan Matt Sack the coach 1 week 2 days ago #245

Raglan Matt
Shift back to Freo without telling either of them.
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