TOPIC: Lobb Season Over

R.Lyon Lobb Season Over 5 days 10 hours ago #141

I just saw Weber’s rehab plan for Lobb. 4 weeks of running laps should have him sweet to go
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CaptSnooze Lobb Season Over 5 days 7 hours ago #142

Talking to the experienced head coach at the local WACA club, he reckons that since the sports scientists came in, they tend to keep soft tissue injuries down but skeletal injuries are way more frequent in cricket.
From that, it would seem to be a combination of they don't fully understand it yet , and someone's previous point about their KPI being to push athletes' bodies to the peak of endurance and performance. Doesn't take much for that to go over the edge, especially when big forwards, ruckmen, full backs are required to bulk up, plus run almost a half-marathon per game. Need some input from Dr Tragic at this point, but aren't feet bones particularly intricate and delicate? Sports science is still an emerging area, where AFL players are the guinea pigs.
Where is the Players Association in all this?
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