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White $2000 6 days 3 hours ago #1

What planet are the AFL living on, where they honestly believe that a $2000 fine issued to a player who has carried out an off-the-ball strike, will stifle physical assaults in the game? Let's take D-flog for example - he is most likely paid a salary of approximately $900 000 per annum, resulting in match fee payments of somewhere in the vicinity of $40 000.
$2000 is chump change!
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Davo $2000 6 days 3 hours ago #2

Good news for Nat. If you're a Brownlow Medallist, you can whack taggers all day without getting suspended now.
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Blue1red1, pollyanna said You Beaut

mac $2000 6 days 3 hours ago #3

There will be a AFL Dockers clause... any case that a Freo player received a backhander rates lowly as shown this weekend and if Freo player found giving backhander is GONE.
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DazzElle said You Beaut

Walter the baker $2000 6 days 3 hours ago #4

Walter the baker
Of course!!! There is always a Dockers’ clause because the AFL has nothing better to do than to ensure we are hard done by.

Seriously!!?? The victim card is trotted out by supporters of every club in the league - get over it. It’s time we toughened up and accepted that we need to earn some respect before we start blaming the system ... again and again. There are some entrenched inequities that can be attacked (e.g. the fixtures) but let’s get rid of the unnecessary conspiracy theories.
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guy smiley, Derby12 said You Beaut

pollyanna $2000 6 days 1 hour ago #5

Davo's right - this is all go mission control for Fyfe to get a swinging. Oh, but not on Matty this weekend - give a mate a break.
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Suker $2000 6 days 1 hour ago #6

Danger: "Oooh, you're touching me again Matt. Stop it".
MattD: "Yaaawn...."
Danger: "I"ll get really mad, let me get the ball..."
MattD: "Mmmmm, you really don't like pressure do you?"
Danger: "Take that....and that you scoundrel".

Yeah, I reckon 2 grand is about right.
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teasea $2000 5 days 15 hours ago #7

Yep agree as long as Walters/Fyfe only get a fine when they hit out at their taggers!
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Blue1red1 $2000 5 days 14 hours ago #8

Does the $2000 go to fixing up Matty's hair after he re arranged it?
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rogerrocks $2000 5 days 13 hours ago #9

You have to hand it the worst though, they do run stories on our players. Check out todays back page where the pig features prominently.
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Raglan Matt $2000 5 days 7 hours ago #10

Raglan Matt
Deliberately hit a bloke in the head behind the play and it's 1 week or $2000, depending on the powerball number. Make contact in the act of spoiling a mark, and it is 1 week. Never actually hit him in the head, body contact at most. So much for an equitable system. It is a rort.

I'm not Rodney.

Even the North coach came out and said that contest did not cause the concussion.
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