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TOPIC: Why Is It So?

Corporal Agarn Why Is It So? 1 week 18 hours ago #1

Corporal Agarn
That we've bemoaned our recent lack of success on the fact that we haven't had a decent forward line, but now on paper we have what appears to be a very good one and yet in the last three weeks we've only managed to kick 8, 11 and 7 goals in a game?
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cletus, Burton said You Beaut

shane Why Is It So? 1 week 17 hours ago #2

Just unlucky.
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Down on down said You Beaut

The_Yeti Why Is It So? 1 week 17 hours ago #3

Perhaps we could try playing with a forward setup actually in the forward area.

It's a radical suggestion I know, but it just might work
Egurls Suck!
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Blue1red1, cletus, Dockermus, teasea said You Beaut

cletus Why Is It So? 1 week 16 hours ago #4

What was clearly evident yesterday, was that there is absolutely no plan for progressing the ball foward....its a plan completely based on 'chance'. Ie kick it in there, and hope someone gets it.

Its a lot like the concept expressed in our backline :. Congest it with enough players, pin ball it around and hopefully someone will get it out.

It was good to see that the 'three up' problem wasn't as bad yesterday ... so, that - at least - is progress !
Its been solved largely by the concept of 'no one go up' .

Dont know what it looked like on tv, but there where a number of forward entries where it seemed everyone just wanted to stay down, and hoped that someone else was going to fly.

All points to the fact that there is absolutely no plan.
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Morgan Why Is It So? 1 week 16 hours ago #5

We’re 9th for scoring despite two of those games being marked by greasy conditions and terrible forward entries. We’ve got a bunch of blokes down there with very little game time together.

The forwards aren’t the issue.
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rogerrocks said You Beaut

hypen Why Is It So? 1 week 16 hours ago #6

The only way to beat an Eagles backline is to lower the eyes and hit the uncontested mark. To do that you need to spread their backline to do that you need numbers in your forward line.

But this is what I am saying and seeing, I thought we did that last night, in the second half we corrected and didn't get too far up the ground. We let the ball do the work.
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Blue1red1, cletus said You Beaut

purplethai Why Is It So? 1 week 16 hours ago #7

We have new players in the forward line, in the first week they hadn’t really learnt the plan and were all over the place. Since then the game plan has been reinforced and we are now seeing the results.
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cletus, Corporal Agarn, Suker said You Beaut

Down on down Why Is It So? 1 week 16 hours ago #8

Down on down
It looks like 2016, 2017, and 2018 to me. Not much has changed apart from the personnel, we still kick and hope and hand Hurn his third Glendinning medal on a plate as a result.
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Suker Why Is It So? 1 week 15 hours ago #9

And Lyon insinuating that skill development is up to the individual to a degree. Yes, but gee a seemingly long-standing issue such as poor kicking needs to be prioritised. Kick to kick in your own time is lovely but under pressure on the training track is where it should happen.
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Drubbing Why Is It So? 1 week 15 hours ago #10

Lyon can't bring himself to play a forward line and more man on man football, forward of the play.

Demonstrated by the passage were Walters got the ball forward of the centre, but there was not one white jumper within cooee of the forward line. So he just kicked towards goal, where it was mopped up near the goal line by WC.
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DazzElle, Corporal Agarn, Burton said You Beaut

Dockerplus them Is It So? 1 week 15 hours ago #11

We now know that effort alone doesn’t win games. We also know that forwards need to kick goals. McCarthy Walters Tabs and Hogan all kicked goals from limited opportunities. The mids weren’t able to contribute on the scoreboard but put in effort. The backs worked very hard and had to adjust to the loss of Hamling. Some bad decisions could have been avoided. Kicking in hope to our forwards hasn’t worked in the past and it still doesn’t work.
Despite our lack of system in going forward the boys took it right up to the slime and there was a moment late in the 3rd qtr that they’d rattled them. I think that this is one that got away.
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Noddy Why Is It So? 1 week 14 hours ago #12

Have a look at scores in some of the other games in this round alone, they are relatively low. Most games are not generally free wheeling shoot outs and each coach has to modify their structure and approach to match the opposition players and strengths.
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Corporal Agarn Why Is It So? 1 week 5 hours ago #13

Corporal Agarn
So we gelled into a potent high scoring team in game one and then ungelled for games 2, 3 and 4?
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cletus said You Beaut

cletus Why Is It So? 1 week 4 hours ago #14

Great point CA!! Can someone please explain what The Kangas didn't do that GC, SK & WC did do. ??

If the answer is "apply pressure" then we are 'as soft as a junket sandwich' and should pack it in now.

Can't think of any other reason why there'd be a 20 goal game vs struggling to get past 10 for the next 3 weeks UNLESS theres been a significant change in game plan. ??

(Ie 'have some freedom & fun wk 1' vs 'play my way wks 2,3 &4' )
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