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TOPIC: Docker Ray Chamberlain

al_casdy Docker Ray Chamberlain 1 week 11 hours ago #15

Amen Cletus. I had the same argument in block 330 with a couple of UWA's brightest, who couldn't quite seem to grasp the concept that taking 9 steps forward of the mark is considered "playing on" in any universe, even one where Dean Margetts has been cloned 26 times and umpires every game, every week. *shudder*.

They claimed that Gaffy-y would have needed to be Superman to stop dead where he took the mark and it was all part of his "natural forward motion". I claimed that Superman actually has a wide range of superpowers and definitely wouldn't have used simply just his fist to break a teenager's jaw.

(At least I would have claimed that at the time if my brain could generate snappy comeback that didn't need 18 hours of reflection first).
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cletus, rogerrocks, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Docker Ray Chamberlain 1 week 7 hours ago #16

Raglan Matt
DS, I didn't see which umpire it was , but without watching the replay, I would bet London to a brick on that it was Williamson. He had some very eaglecentric calls through the night, Margetts is a very influential man.
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cletus Docker Ray Chamberlain 1 week 6 hours ago #17

I tell you what Razor is outstanding at - the bounce!!

The "pomp & ceremony" before he bounces the ball is "artistic" to say the least. I figure, that he figuires, that, for at least 10 seconds at the start of play, 60 000 eyes are purely focussed upon him!!

Its quite brilliant on its intent!

You dont get to see all that gumpf on TV, so I feel sorry for all you who've endured live several times before. Its the first time ive seen him live...and it was quite an experience.

Still -as a bit of an umpire myself - at least his routine allows him to bounce the thing dead straight all the time - and for that - he should be commended!

The clown who couldnt bounce in the st kilda game could do well to learn a bit from Razor
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Mercury Docker Ray Chamberlain 6 days 16 hours ago #18

clown/s Cletus.
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cletus said You Beaut

rogerrocks Docker Ray Chamberlain 6 days 5 hours ago #19

What is rather sad is that when we get half decent treatment from the umps (leaving aside Darling's dives), I feel so grateful. "Thank you umpire, for not grinding us into the dirt like you normally do." And its been that way for 4 games now. I may have accidentally entered a parallel universe.
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut
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