TOPIC: Buggerations 3

Flag_2005 Buggerations 3 1 month 2 days ago #71

Every club in the AFL would have done the trade deal for Jesse that Freo did.

He hasn’t helped himself and clearly has work to do off the field. He would also do well to ditch his ‘mates’ and hang out with people who have his best interests at heart.
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Raglan Matt Buggerations 3 1 month 2 days ago #72

Raglan Matt
It's starting to sound a bit like the eagles now. I'm with Shane, he got drunk, was not able/allowed to train, and was told to sit out a week. Bringing everything else to the table is just clouding the issue.
Maybe Lyon would have been better off telling him to run laps, by himself while the rest of the team trained, and then make him prove he can earn his spot back for round 1 on the track. Let the punishment be on the individual not the team. I'm sure there have been plenty of players, even in this day of phone cams etc, who have missed training, or turned up a little worse for wear, but have got away with it because the media have not got hold of the incident.
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moodindigo Buggerations 3 1 month 2 days ago #73

Schultz in for Hogan, I say.
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Noddy Buggerations 3 1 month 2 days ago #74

It may be a long season anyway, but pressuring for a coach sacking now is no guarantee of winning games.

Get on board for the season start or go for a holiday.
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wingman Buggerations 3 1 month 2 days ago #75

Agree with you Rag. Punish the individual maybe by cancelling match payments and go and do some social work or something. But get on the track and gain some respect from your team mates. Unfortunately the only way clubs penalise now is to ban them for a few weeks.
Trizzie, Mike R and Micky J wouldn't have ever played league footy with these rules. As a kid going down in change rooms after a game I'm sure they played half cut most of the time
Perked up after a ciggy though.
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Walter the baker Buggerations 3 1 month 2 days ago #76

Walter the baker
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Jebediah55 Buggerations 3 1 month 2 days ago #77

I’ve been in touch with Raymond Reddington about the Dockerland Cabal problem, and he is happy to come down under and sort it out. Loves dealing with Cabals and a great red wine, so will have dinner and a few reds with Jessie as well .
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pollyanna Buggerations 3 1 month 2 days ago #78

I'm assuming Jessie is someone's sister.
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hypen Buggerations 3 1 month 2 days ago #79

The club has put itself into a situation whereby it has to pay overs and take players with behavioral risks given its refusal to draft for key talls.

When they tried to get a tall, they did quite well. Taberner is a rookie and a steal at that pick, and Pearce well what can I say.

When Darling, Kennedy and McGovern chuck it in, the players to replace are on the list right now.
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shane Buggerations 3 1 month 2 days ago #80

If you wanted to talk about cabals and the Fremantle Football Club, you'd be looking at the Derby Club, not a bunch of jokers on the internet.

You know, the people Rosich whinges about Dockerland to. Maybe if they'd shown a bit of actual care about the goings on at the club and exerted some of their influence instead of just handing over their cash so Rosich would make them feel important and share titbits of gossip, the club would be in less mess than it is.

But enjoy the canapes on Sunday.
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Corporal Agarn Buggerations 3 1 month 2 days ago #81

Corporal Agarn
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Drubbing Buggerations 3 1 month 2 days ago #82

Hogan's issues may be common in the AFL. What isn't common is Freo recruiting far more than their share of blokes who have mental and physical problems, knowing fully about them, and not doing a damn thing to make any of them better.

Freo are managed by world class clowns, in an AFL circus where all the acrobats in leotards are in Melbourne.
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purple_tez Buggerations 3 1 month 2 days ago #83

Just listened to Lyon’s comments today on the recruitment of Hogan; he trots out one of his favourites “You’re only as good as your next moment”. Still coming out with the same trite rubbish. I’m so fed up with this garbage that I’m not going to read or listen to any more of his crap.
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DaPav Buggerations 3 1 month 2 days ago #84

I’m back, twins are now 3. Timed that just right with the rebuild. What did I miss?
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