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Corporal Agarn Injuries 3 days 23 hours ago #71

Corporal Agarn
Does anyone have any faith in our fitness and medical staff anymore? i sure don't.
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shirtfront said You Beaut

Suker Injuries 3 days 22 hours ago #72

B Hill: Exhaustion
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hypen, pollyanna said You Beaut

Leed Injuries 3 days 22 hours ago #73

"Bradley Hill is set for round one and ‘excited’ at the thought of taking on North Melbourne at Optus Stadium next Sunday." From the Club Website, just now ... guess that means he's out then.
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Noddy Injuries 3 days 22 hours ago #74

Pp who did you hear that from?
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Suker Injuries 3 days 22 hours ago #75

B Hill: Over-excited, 3 weeks
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NPK Injuries 3 days 20 hours ago #76

This year I think we should monitor the situation as the last few year I feel we have been taken for a ride. So sick of TBC , recurrent injuries, calf and hamstring strains, and games lost to injury for our first line players. Let's see if the chaos unfolds again this year or whether Freo has made some changes and inroads into management of the their player injuries.

SO for round one the current AFL injury list is:

Harley Bennell Calf TBC
Connor Blakely Hamstring TBC
Brennan Cox Hamstring TBC
Hugh Dixon Hip 2 weeks
Bradley Hill Calf Test
Stephen Hill Quad TBC
Nat Fyfe Elbow Test
Shane Kersten Foot TBC
Griffin Logue Hamstring TBC
Brandon Matera Suspension Round 1
Aaron Sandilands Calf TBC
Sam Switkowski Hamstring TBC
Matt Taberner Calf/hamstring TBC
Luke Valente Groin 2 weeks

Updated: Tuesday, March 12


TBC = 9 (best in the league)
TOTAL PLAYERS INJURED (13) best in the league) allowing for players "available" listed on injury lists of other teams.
CALF & HAMSTRING INJ (8) (Easy best in league)
NUMBER OF A TEAM PLAYERS UNAVAILABLE (thankfully probably only 4 or 5 at this stage !!)
FYFE INJURED (Y) but should play

If anyone else can think of anything else to monitor let me know

Let's go Freo !!
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hypen, slammen, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

purplepower Injuries 3 days 20 hours ago #77

TBC anyone??
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slammen Injuries 3 days 19 hours ago #78

To be concealed
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shirtfront, Raglan Matt, Corporal Agarn, Hamihill said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn Injuries 3 days 19 hours ago #79

Corporal Agarn
To Be Concocted
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shirtfront, Hamihill said You Beaut

hypen Injuries 3 days 3 hours ago #80

By best in the league NPK, I assume you mean worst in the league?
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NPK Injuries 3 days 2 hours ago #81

yep hyphen excuse my sarcasm
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