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NPK Can't Tackle 4 months 1 day ago #1

What has been clearly evident this year watching Freo is their inability to tackle - opposition players are constantly breaking free of their tackles and handballing off to the next man - it is a complete contrast to the 2013 days in which we were renowned for our tackling and pressure. When we come up against teams that can tackle i.e. the best teams out game plan becomes impotent. Tackling surely is a simple thing to teach and maybe this could be a simple solution to our current problems. Wish we still had Brett Kirk coaching.
Another observation watching the best players and teams is the ability of players to still manage to get an effective disposal when being tackled or under pressure - we need to get better at this. At the moment when we are under pressure we just kick forward to handball in the air hoping for the best - all the talk of game plans, etc is irrelevant if you can't get the simple fundamentals right.
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thegeniusthatis Can't Tackle 4 months 1 day ago #2

Get Pridiss-ey in as a midfield / stoppages / tackling coach. It was the only string to the guy's bow, he was quite good at it, and it would really help us get Jeremy McGovern if the rumours have any credibility.
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