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Corporal Agarn Work rate 3 days 32 minutes ago #127

Corporal Agarn
RM, they've beaten Sydney twice, have had five premiership players out for nearly the whole season and were only out of finals contention two weeks ago.

And Jezza, as for Chriss Scott inheriting a great list and team, that's exactly what a lot of people including you have said about Lyon.
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Jezza Work rate 3 days 17 minutes ago #128

Goodness CA, when Scott went to Geelong, they'd already won the 07 and 09 premierships. Shane could probably correct me on that though So in 2011, he waltzes in and win a cup for the Cats. Roly had no such list. Scott will not win another and he should with Dangerwood at his disposal. Clarkson, with who he's got left will struggle to unless they sign another star like Martin.
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Corporal Agarn Work rate 2 days 23 hours ago #129

Corporal Agarn
Correct Jezza, they did win in 2007 and 2009. They haven't missed the finals since though.

As you said, Lyon inherited a very good list too, hasn't had the same success and has been the coach since we've been in a downward spiral.

Whether that's his fault(which I know you don't think is true) or not, the facts are that both Scott and Clarkson have far better coaching records and win/loss ratios than Lyon.

Predicting what will happen to Geelong and Hawthorn about their premiership chances in the future doesn't really count for much either, particularly when you predict each year that we will be back in the eight.

It's more than likely though that they will finish above us again. The amount of excellent players that Hawthorn have had out this year for such long periods and still be so competitive is to be admired. If we had that amount out we would be lucky to win a game at all.
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jimb2 Work rate 2 days 21 hours ago #130

"Pav pick apart Roly's game plans." Hello? Is this Matthew Pavlich we are talking about? I actually listen intently to Pav and I've yet to hear him picking apart the game plan. Execution failures, yes, certainly. I recall, for example, Pav saying "they won't like how easily that ball came out." Is this a repudiation of the game plan? Or, is it a failure of execution? Do you specifically know that the game plan allowed that to happen? Do you know when the players are actually sticking it to the game plan? Personally, I've never seen the game plan detail.

I'm getting tired of saying this, but if you don't have the execution skills your game plan doesn't exist out on the ground. If the opposition players are effectively disrupting your game plan you don't have one either. If the opposition backs are covering and blocking your forwards you are forced to bomb it in and rely on big strong marking forwards, which we unfortunately don't have. Is this a game plan failure?

I see no evidence that our game plan is deficient but player quality and experience is clearly deficient.
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Raglan Matt Work rate 2 days 20 hours ago #131

Raglan Matt
CA, they beat the Swans when both sides were unwinning. We were technically still in finals contention a few short weeks ago as well, and they are still less than 2 wins ahead of us, and have had as many goals kicked against them as us. So I don't thi9nk they are travelling that much better. And as for the injuries, when have we been near full strength this year?
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Corporal Agarn Work rate 2 days 20 hours ago #132

Corporal Agarn
They beat Sydney three weeks ago and in fact are the only side to beat them since they were 0-6, twice.

I also think that Rioli, Birchall, Gibson, Puopolo, Stratton and Frawley who are all premiership players and fairest and best winners would be missed rather more than Sandi, Bennell, Clarke, Pearce and a couple of other youngsters that we've had out this year.
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Wedge Antilles Work rate 2 days 20 hours ago #133

Wedge Antilles
So our record is 8 wins and 12 unwins? That doesn't sound so bad.
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Raglan Matt Work rate 2 days 20 hours ago #134

Raglan Matt
And we are the only side to beat the Bulldogs in our last 2 against them, I just stated the fact, they are only 1.5 games ahead of us, they are not travelling any better than us.
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Derby12 Work rate 2 days 19 hours ago #135

Forget about the ladder - Anyone who watched Hawthorn take us apart at Subi recently would see how far ahead of us they are at the moment.
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exceed Work rate 2 days 18 hours ago #136

You can spin the argument anyway you want , depending on the point you want to make.
The eye does not lie.
Sides that get belted by 100 Points several times in a season are bad sides. If you argue its not the players fault than its the coaching staff or conditioning staff.
To be belted so embarrassingly by Sydney , Adelaide, Port adelaide and Brisbane indicates we are well away.
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RideoftheVagaries Work rate 2 days 11 hours ago #137

Anyone with a decent knowledge of human perception knows the eyes lie all the time, as does the brain, particularly when it's in an overwrought state, such as the one a heavy loss to your footy team may trigger.
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exceed Work rate 1 day 23 hours ago #138

If it was one loss - possibly
But several over 2 years maybe not.
People often complicate the problem with mumbo jumbo.
Bet hey - if you believe that we are all good.
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pollyanna Work rate 1 day 22 hours ago #139

No one is better than Sandi; there is nothing worse than getting a 100pt pounding by the wooden spooner. Sure, if Voss, Akker, Black and Brown were playing, but they weren't. That sucked the life out of players and supporters alike - if more than 27,000 show up this weekend to see Harley I'll be surprised.
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