TOPIC: Harley Bennell

Jezza Harley Bennell 3 months 4 weeks ago #57

A season where most Freo supporters are looking at what's in store for the future, Harley running out in purple will just be the reason why we'll front again next year. Play well Harley not for all who'll be watching but for yourself.
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Freolifer said You Beaut

heather Harley Bennell 3 months 4 weeks ago #58

I really don't know where to look to find this out - does anyone know what the odds are for Harley doing an injury during first freo game?
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rogerrocks Harley Bennell 3 months 4 weeks ago #59

I'm sure the betting agencies will take your money on that one.
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Mushroom Harley Bennell 3 months 4 weeks ago #60

And Ross is doing his best to get him lucrative sponsorships from Kellogg's AllBran and one of the weird probiotic yoghurt in a bottle mobs.

"He'll be internally thrilled. He'll regulate himself pretty well, he tends to do that pretty well.
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guy smiley, Raglan Matt, Derby12, Corporal Agarn, Rhufus said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Harley Bennell 3 months 4 weeks ago #61

Raglan Matt
For a Mushroom, you sure see the bright side on a regular basis, Mushy.
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snoop said You Beaut

Rhufus Harley Bennell 3 months 4 weeks ago #62

thanks Mushroom

My kids have just run in and asked me what Im laughing about, given I`m supposed to be working so hard.

This is why I log on, what with Jezzas immutable never ending fountain of optimism, Shanes dry as a camels arse wit and the odd pearler from Mushroom, you`ve just gotta love Dockerland.

Now go to Flying High and see what real desolation feels like.
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Raglan Matt Harley Bennell 3 months 3 weeks ago #63

Raglan Matt
Duffield could not resist throwing a "positive" comment on Harley's return.

And Harley Bennell’s former coach at Gold Coast, Rodney Eade, has wished him well in his first game for Fremantle after a two-year absence from AFL ranks.
“I hope his calf is not an issue, and that generally he knows it’s going to take hard work to be a successful AFL player,” Eade said on the AFL website.
“He’s just got to get a run, and hopefully next year he can become the player he should be.
“He’s very talented, has athletic ability, ball-handling skills, kicking.
“But he just thought he could do what he liked and there’d be no repercussions as far as moving him on. In the end we had to.”

There are occasions when if you have nothing nice to add, shut the ... up. This is one of them.
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shane Harley Bennell 3 months 3 weeks ago #64

That last part sounds a bit like someone describing Rodney's recent coaching job.
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