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Drubbing game day 3 months 1 day ago #71

Noddy, if you look at why one game is lost in isolation, you miss the bigger picture, which is the template for regular losing. Most of the games we've won this year have been riddled with basic errors from experienced players, which led to them being last minute deciders, which either team could have won.
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Flag_2005 game day 3 months 1 day ago #72

We were always going to finish in the bottom 8. I don't get all the hand wringing. Put Kennedy and Darling in our side and we'd be finishing between 5th and 8th. We are a work in progress. We're playing kids. We're not very good - yet. Embrace it.
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rogerrocks said You Beaut

gloved one game day 3 months 1 day ago #73

gloved one
Im liking that the weags all have that early baldness thing going on. Keep the hair fyfey, connor and logue. Even Tommy.
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Raglan Matt game day 3 months 1 day ago #74

Raglan Matt
You never see Freo get the "play on advantage" free kicks, but I think we got 10 or 11 today. The whistle blew after we had taken the ball from the contest in about 8 or 9. Put that into the free kick stats. Darling and co got away with at least 7 push in the back or blocking when the ball is not within 10 metres of the block infringements. Ask Suban what he thinks of the in the back interpretation. Ask any number of Freo players what constitutes a throw. ASsk the umpires and Masten what constitutes deliberate out of bounds. The confusion out there is not all the coaches fault.
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rogerrocks, DazzElle said You Beaut

Noddy game day 3 months 19 hours ago #75

The most annoying and embarrassing thing is losing to a side with Masten in it.
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cletus said You Beaut

jimb2 game day 3 months 16 hours ago #76

You knockers won't be happy until you've whinged this club into a Richmond clone.

Hey, then you can whinge on for a few decades.

Try being a supporter. Even try a little humour. We're on a rebuild. It takes time. Our list has deficiencies in ability and experience, but not in effort. Lyon is fully supported by everyone - players, staff and management - except for a bunch of entitled bitchin' dummy spitters who claim to be supporters.

West Coast should be really upset about this game. Sure they won but could have easily lost if we kicked straight despite us playing a clearly inexperienced group with significant holes. They thought they were having a go at the premiership this year and are struggling to make the eight.
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rogerrocks, finalport, Corporal Agarn, Rnie said You Beaut

Jezza game day 3 months 16 hours ago #77

What has thrilled me is seeing our young players developed over the years. Who would've thought that we have a Brownlow medalist in our midst. Who would've thought that Neale, a pick in the 40s is now one of the best in the league. Who would've thought that Blakely, still under 40 games of experience is playing as good as Fyfe. Our midfield destroyed theirs yesterday. Most of their game style had to revert back to their half backs and moving the ball out of their backline. We won all the key stats except the scoreboard with a side 1500 games less in AFL experience.
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Raglan Matt, Corporal Agarn, Rhufus said You Beaut

Rhufus game day 3 months 15 hours ago #78

Agree with your positivity Jezza about the personel, we are doing just fine with our list and development, kudos there.
But someone said if we had Darling and Kennedy in our team we would be doing so much better and thats just the point, theres a lot of us who actually doubt that.
Lets ask another question, had Pavlich played in a Clarkson coached team how many more goals would he have kicked?
I think we should be able to seriously question certain aspects about Rolys negative game plan that leads to this dysfunctional forward line without being labelled bitchin entitled whingers. Its called critique and it doesnt mean we dont love the Club and the players. It doesnt even mean we dont like Rosco. We just want him to get with the program.
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Noddy game day 3 months 15 hours ago #79

Damn, I thought I was a big picture guy......time for a rebuild.

I hope we win every game but not surprisingly don't expect to and I've not minded 2017 given the changes occurring. We're much better placed going forward than the oldest team in the AFL.
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LoyalSupporter game day 3 months 6 hours ago #80

Apart from the incomprehensible umpiring decisions against us that happen every week, what REALLY disappointed me was the appallingly inaccurate kicking skills. Even though it seemed like every second kick was to an un-marked Beagle, some straight kicking between the BIG posts would have won us the game.

Instead we're all on Dockerland lamenting the coaching, lack of forward line, list deficiencies etc etc when a bit of straight kicking was all that was needed
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fradonjan, okeedokee, Dockermus, Raglan Matt, Rnie said You Beaut