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pollyanna The Pig 5 days 14 hours ago #1

He'll debut for Blacktown this weekend after a late withdrawal. Good on him - give 'em hell Matty.
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Alvin Prpl The Pig 4 days 8 hours ago #2

Alvin Prpl
Matty helping to get GWS back into the game with a goal late in the last quarter, are Richmond going to give up another lead?
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Alvin Prpl The Pig 4 days 8 hours ago #3

Alvin Prpl
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

jimb2 The Pig 3 days 18 hours ago #4

Heard a story about a Richmond membership found nailed to a tree in a Melbourne park last night. A sorry waste of a nail.
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zorro The Pig 3 days 15 hours ago #5

Pretty good performance by Matt. Apart from the goal (which set up the "miracle" win) he had a fair swag of disposals, laid quite a few of his usual strong tackles and got himself in and around the furnace plenty of times. He wasn't far behind their best on balance.

Matt'll probably struggle to stay in their regular line-up, but if you're after a good depth player, you could hardly do better. Hope he does well.
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Corporal Agarn The Pig 3 days 15 hours ago #6

Corporal Agarn
I would imagine that he and The Gu would be good mentors to a number of the younger squad members.
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