TOPIC: 21 Seconds

freo00 21 Seconds 4 days 19 hours ago #29

So far Carltank have had the best of the umps this season , and Dalgleish is umpiring ? one of the 3 that did us against the slime .
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Jezza 21 Seconds 4 days 18 hours ago #30

Game v Carlton is a danger game. The Blues at the moment are being looked after by the umps. Murphy after last week will get more frees than Fyfe, Neale and Mundy combined. Crops the same. We're not going to be allowed free reign given the wet weather forecast and the umps detailed for our game. This will come down to the last few seconds again.
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Yossarian 21 Seconds 4 days 8 hours ago #31

They've done it again.
Nyuk nyuk nyuk
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hypen 21 Seconds 4 days 5 hours ago #32

Cameron Ling to victorious Collingwood player on their comeback. "So was there a focus in the 2nd half on winning the ball and moving it forward"?
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guy smiley 21 Seconds 4 days 4 hours ago #33

guy smiley
I think Ling had a Zempilatic fit there.
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Drubbing 21 Seconds 4 days 3 hours ago #34

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zorro 21 Seconds 4 days 3 hours ago #35

That is genius, Guy. Can I respectfully suggest "Zempilastic" as a very slight improvement? It's just the combination of Zempilas and plastic is too too good.
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guy smiley 21 Seconds 4 days 3 hours ago #36

guy smiley
Yeah, that is better. I must have suffered a temporary Zempilapse.
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Pav353 21 Seconds 4 days 1 hour ago #37

Jezza For your information , Frees for this year Fyfe 20 , Murphy 10 ,
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Corporal Agarn 21 Seconds 3 days 2 hours ago #38

Corporal Agarn
Love your prediction work Jezza. Have you and Hypen got some sort of competition going?
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shane said You Beaut