TOPIC: Mundy the tiger tamer

fradonjan Mundy the tiger tamer 3 months 2 days ago #29

bit of luck in that sandi,missed the ball first and it went behind him,martin was on lachie's tail,but a superb shepherd from sandi,dropped martin like a sack of spuds,
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jockstrap Mundy the tiger tamer 3 months 23 hours ago #30

Must have been tough for Richmond and their supporters. The adrenaline from hitting the front was still pumping through their veins when Mundy marked and goaled. The fastest downer in history made them doubt their sanity as they left the ground.
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Strawb said You Beaut

jimb2 Mundy the tiger tamer 3 months 19 hours ago #31

Everyone catches on eventually.
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

rogerrocks Mundy the tiger tamer 3 months 12 hours ago #32

There was a game against the Kangaroos at Subi where Daniel Wells kicked the winning goal with seconds left. He was in such a hurry he literally threw the ball at his boot. I know how Richmond supporters felt.
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