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shane The New Hack 3 months 1 day ago #127

Detective Pablo Drugpimpington
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prefect The New Hack 3 months 16 hours ago #128

5k is actually a significant amount. According to the AFL, for that kind of money you could punch someone in the face 5 times.
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monkey The New Hack 3 months 15 hours ago #129

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jockstrap The New Hack 2 months 4 weeks ago #130

Things really have changed from when I was a lad playing for a country team. At three quarter time one of the trainers used to bring out a bottle of sherry and give the players a shot to gee them up. I was 16-17 years old at the time and found it a interesting practice. Perhaps Ross should try it.
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Drubbing The New Hack 2 months 4 weeks ago #131

Sounds like your old trainer would fit in well at Essendon
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