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fradonjan 34 seconds = 1 minute 5 months 3 weeks ago #29

some of these comments are funny and disrespecful ,a lot'
i am a vietnam veteran,and when i am at the game and that bugle blows i tear up ,big time.
obviously many here do not know what it is like to be a veteran,and i appreciate it that many might not have got the chance to represent their country.
to me even if it was 10,20,30 seconds,the fact that it gets all the people at the game to share the thoughts of the many soldiers that died and their families too.
i have marched on the ground to the cheering and clapping of the crowd many times( well two,) and it is surreal ,your chest swells with pride to get that respect.
for those of you who attend and pay that respect ,i thank you.
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Wharfie Time 34 seconds = 1 minute 5 months 3 weeks ago #30

Wharfie Time
My family is so grateful to our granddad and great uncles (WW!), our Dad (WW2) and cousin (Vietnam) for making our world safe. Not a dry eye in our block tonight although we weren't sure what was going on when the old soldier who said our lest we forget poem found his place on the interchange bench just before the ceremony started..

Thank you for your service Fradonjan, and for your part in ensuring Australians have the freedom to be both reverent and irreverent on these occasions.
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fradonjan 34 seconds = 1 minute 5 months 3 weeks ago #31

thank you wharfie ,and all the others who said you beaut,much appreciated,what a great game .so proud.
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rogerrocks 34 seconds = 1 minute 5 months 3 weeks ago #32

It wasn't a minute at Subi either. And still some people couldn't shut up.

And at the risk of being outspoken, while I have the greatest respect for members of the armed forces, I've always thought of Anzac Day as time to remember how bad war is, and just how hard we should strive not to have one. And in the case of Gallipoli, a time to reflect on the heroism of the common soldier on both sides, and the utter stupidity of it all.
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