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Jonno Mzungu 1 week 2 days ago #1

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prefect, Bizkit, rogerrocks, Lazza040, R.Lyon said You Beaut

Davo Mzungu 1 week 2 days ago #2

Amazing rise in fortune. I'll be interested in seeing if the GWS turnover count increases with him in the side.
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freo00 Mzungu 1 week 1 day ago #3

I have always liked Tendai , I hope he goes well !
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prefect, point less, goodie, rogerrocks, slammen, Corporal Agarn, quinninup said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn Mzungu 1 week 1 day ago #4

Corporal Agarn
Do like the idea of a tough, hard at it player that has the opposition wondering when they see him nearby. The Gu and The Pig were that type of player. Not sure if we have anyone like that now.
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Awake Mzungu 1 week 9 hours ago #5

He'll be the first Freo player to play in a winning grand final?
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DrRPG Mzungu 1 week 8 hours ago #6

Freo cast aways -have already won AFL Premierships.
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R.Lyon said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn Mzungu 1 week 6 hours ago #7

Corporal Agarn
Has any other club ever had as many as four delistings picked up in pre season drafts like we have?
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DrRPG Mzungu 1 week 5 hours ago #8

Maybe Essendon?

My best recollection is they won the 2000 Premiership, then lost to Brisbane in 2001, and proceeded to dismantle that player group.
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Quiexo Mzungu 2 days 9 hours ago #9

Managed to break into the GWS 22 for this Sunday, who would've thought? Good on him, I say, hope he goes well..
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Pav353 Mzungu 2 days 3 hours ago #10

Go Muzza!! All the best
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freoboy49 Mzungu 9 hours 55 minutes ago #11

Sad to report that Tendai came off after 8 minutes in Q1 with what appears to be a hamstring injury — out for the rest of the game and who knows how long after that? Poor bugger.
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Waldorf Mzungu 3 hours 26 minutes ago #12

Er...Trent Croad was in a premiership team after being traded back to Hawthorn.
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Drubbing Mzungu 3 hours 24 minutes ago #13

Poor Muz. He was an integral part of our stuff-up line...

Lucky we have plenty of able replacements.
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