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TOPIC: AA Luke announcement

Walter the baker AA Luke announcement 8 years 9 months ago #1

Walter the baker
As the person who coined the term AA Luke (in an attempt to bolster his case for a place in the AA team) it is a sad day for me as it appears that one of the club greats looks like pulling the pin. If this is the case, thanks for the memories and dedication to the team. A great role model.
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rogerrocks, okeedokee, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

docked AA Luke announcement 8 years 9 months ago #2

Media Conference Called

Yep, just saw that too, Walter, A very sad day for us all, I think.

Veteran Fremantle defender Luke McPharlin is set to address the media this morning, raising the suggestion he may announce his retirement.
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shane AA Luke announcement 8 years 9 months ago #3

He's out and he's done.


After 256 AFL games and 16 seasons, Fremantle’s Luke McPharlin announced his retirement on Wednesday.

The Fremantle Life Member and All Australian told his team mates at a meeting this morning that he had played his final game.

‘Woosh’, as he is known around the club, will be remembered as one of Fremantle’s greatest players.
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Lazza040, Corporal Agarn, Quiexo said You Beaut

Jooter AA Luke announcement 8 years 9 months ago #4

All the best for your future, Luke. Class act, strong leader of our club.

100% gave his all for the jumper and club. End of an era and the best backman of the past decade, IMO. One thing to reflect on - he was never beaten when head-to-head with the gun forwards of the competition. I really hope he becomes the second Docker to get into the AFL Hall of Fame. There's no doubt in my mind he deserves it for his consistency throughout his career.
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point less, EJ, Dr Sleep, okeedokee, Raglan Matt, Catweazle said You Beaut

Dockerplus AA Luke announcement 8 years 9 months ago #5

AALuke (Woosh)
Thanks for the great memories from your playing career with Freo. You are one of the game's all time best.
I loved watching you go for the marks run off your opponent and kick goals as a forward. You played on the best forwards in the game and they would have had nightmares knowing that you would've standing in their way.
Always a part of the Freo's history. I hope the boys dedicate their first premiership to you.
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Jason AA Luke announcement 8 years 9 months ago #6

Farewell Champ! His likely retirement along with Pav has me the most gutted we didn't get to a GF this year.

But as that mob up the road has shown this year, you can get away with a backline light on for height if you have a gun forward line capable of kicking +15 goals week in, week out.

Not going to be same not yelling out "Luuuuuuukkkkkkkeeeeeee" as he drags down another speccie.

Good luck Luke and if it's not too much trouble, could you and you lovely wife pop out a few sons in the next few years??
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okeedokee, Corporal Agarn, Duges66, Quiexo said You Beaut

Mike AA Luke announcement 8 years 9 months ago #7

A terrific footballer for a very long time, Luke will be sorely missed. He was rarely beaten - there wouldn't be many players who managed to kick more than a couple of goals in a match on him! Plus he always spoke well and carried himself exceptionally on the field, so the one pleasing thing here is that he'll have plenty of exciting opportunities lined up for his post-footy career I'm sure. It won't be the same going to the footy without him in the team, but it was pretty fantastic to have him play 244 awesome games for us over the past 14 years.
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okeedokee said You Beaut

Spurr_On AA Luke announcement 8 years 9 months ago #8

Champion. Champion player and Champion bloke. All of us are privileged to be able to say, "We saw that champion McPharlin play". Thanks for the memories Luke.
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EJ, okeedokee, Freolifer, Duges66 said You Beaut

Duges66 AA Luke announcement 8 years 9 months ago #9

McPharlin, McPharlap - the similarities don't end with the name, huge hearts the both of 'em.
Thanks for everything you've given Luke, it was plentiful & more.
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EJ, itscraptacular said You Beaut

myboys AA Luke announcement 8 years 9 months ago #10

Absolutely devo that he is leaving without a premiership medal.
He's been my favourite player for a while now and I'll miss him terribly.

He was a fantastic leader in the backline, very courageous player and I'll never forget the speccies he took.

I must say the chin is doing the wobble dance at the moment.

It breaks my heart.
Luke's rent-a-crowd
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Raglan Matt AA Luke announcement 8 years 9 months ago #11

Raglan Matt
The thing about Luke that will stick in my mind long after the footy memories have faded, is that he conducted himself so well at all times, good and bad, ( and he had more than his share of bad times) on and off the field. He has set an example that is obviously being looked up to and followed by the young players coming through, eg N Fyfe. That is the legacy he leaves with our club, and it is going to be a legacy that WILL lead to a flag, and a flag that is not contaminated in any way.

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okeedokee, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

docked AA Luke announcement 8 years 9 months ago #12

Nat Fyfe couldn't even be bothered attending the media conference.

He is so up himself now he's won a Brownlow.
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myboys said You Beaut

snoop AA Luke announcement 8 years 9 months ago #13

Luke is a champion.

Huge, crying shame we couldn't get a flag for him before now.
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Jason AA Luke announcement 8 years 9 months ago #14

Completely agree docked. I mean if Fyfe can play three quarters of a Prelim Final with a displaced fracture of his tibia, you'd think it the least he could do is have his surgery at the back of the press conference to insert a plate into his broken leg.

Absolute disgrace who should be traded without delay. I mean, what sort of message is he sending to the rest of the playing group? And to think he was being touted as the next captain!

(Sarcastica font engaged)
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