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TOPIC: Brady Gray

Jim153 Brady Gray 6 years 10 months ago #1

After his stunning debut when he kept AA Wingard, who was in stellar form, to just 12 possessions and no goals (from memory) does anyone agree that Brady Gray could be a surprise inclusion this week?
He could play on Rissoli or Poppy or maybe even a Luke Bruest?
Freo desperately needs a small shut down defender IMO.
Spurr and Sutcliffe too slow and tall.
I really liked Bradys first game and think he will be a first class defender for us for a long time, particularly if he is tutored by one of my all time faves...Roger Hayden.
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mellors, bellythebest said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn Brady Gray 6 years 10 months ago #2

Corporal Agarn
Would be a bold move, but i can't see it happening.
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purplemum Brady Gray 6 years 10 months ago #3

Brady has a big future. Great player.
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larkin Brady Gray 6 years 10 months ago #4

yeah he was good but kept over kicking the ball
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Rhufus Brady Gray 6 years 10 months ago #5

Yeah it would be a gutsy move but can you seriously see Roly taking that big a gamble? He will back his tried and true method.
He is already thinking outside the box as it is and we are not going overly tall down back with only the Fist and Johnno, no Elvis. He floated the idea of Elvis forward in the GF.
I reckon now Crowley is an outside chance still. King made a good point, our bottom 6 are not giving us much, what exactly would we lose by dropping one and taking in Creepy and hopefully neutralising Mitchell? Nothing is the answer.
Personally Id love to see a smaller faster back line, specifically for this match against Cyril, Breust and Poopalow... but I don't reckon we`ll get it. Hopefully we can put enough pressure up field so that the Hawks have to launch the ball high
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

RideoftheVagaries Brady Gray 6 years 10 months ago #6

Playing Grey earlier in the season would've been the go, sticking him in at around the Brisvegas game and then had him in for the Tassie game and beyond to make sure he was better blooded. But still a bit of youthful enthusiasm might outweigh the potential for clangers, so not that gutsy.
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DockerKnockers Brady Gray 6 years 10 months ago #7

Gray, just like several of our other promising youngsters need another preseason, a few more pounds of muscle and reduce their skill errors/turnovers. Each time I've watched a Peel game, there seems to be far too many costly turnovers from these lads.

I've been divided with my thoughts of Sutcliffe all year. There's plenty there to like, but when a smart mature bodied footballer gets on top of him, Sutcliffe can dam near lose a game for you. As much as I like seeing the youngsters get experience, but finals is not the time.
Gone to bigfooty where there's fewer Docker Haters.
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Jason Brady Gray 6 years 10 months ago #8

Geez, bit harsh on Sutcliffe. He was the player of the finals (along with The Fist) last year and also played in the 2013 GF. He might have a dodgy shoulder but he certainly holds up his end. I think he's earned his spot.
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demo1, Morgan said You Beaut

bpurple Brady Gray 6 years 10 months ago #9

I like Sutcliffe but can we afford to take a defender into a game suffering shoulder issues? He has most certainly earned his spot but injuries change everything. We are playing a ruthless gang of knobs who will not hesitate to "unsociably" punch, twist, chicken wing or stomp on Sutcliffe's shoulder to test it out if the opportunity arises. Not saying Brady is the answer, but if he is not 100% can we risk it given hard tackling in close will be the order of the day?
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DockerKnockers Brady Gray 6 years 10 months ago #10

Sutcliffe deserves his spot in our current 22.
But he scares me in big games against maturer opposition. Less experienced younger players would scare me even more.
I liked Sutcliffe last year too. But he played more of a running rebounder last year. This year he has played deeper in defence and has had to be more accountable (and sometimes has been found wanting). NB: He was dropped in July for bad form.
Gone to bigfooty where there's fewer Docker Haters.
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Quiexo Brady Gray 6 years 10 months ago #11

Didn't he completely nullify Rohan in the QF? Bit harsh to drop him on the back of that performance...
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Down on down said You Beaut

demo1 Brady Gray 6 years 10 months ago #12

There are a few players in the comp that I fear are unstoppable when they are on.
I have nightmares about them killing us in a final.
Cyril, Tex Walker, Dustin Martin and Paddy Dangerfield are the ones I fear the most.
Who plays on Cyril?? Is Roger Hayden, James Clement or Shane Parker available?
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rogerrocks said You Beaut