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TOPIC: Hodge

hypen Hodge 6 years 11 months ago #1

Seems to do most damage off a half back flank or a kick away from goals. I dont think he is as effective as others at clearances.

I would like to see DeBoer follow him when he goes back and forward. Play him defensively no matter where he is on the ground.

I think he alone stands between us and a flag. No one ever seems to pay him attention on the field though.
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Mushroom, Corporal Agarn, Rhufus said You Beaut

Walter the baker Hodge 6 years 11 months ago #2

Walter the baker
I'd like to seem someone call his tough man bluff. The guy constantly gets away with cheap shots and bravado. If he played 25 years ago he would have been ironed out a long time ago.
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Hodge 6 years 11 months ago #3

Raglan Matt
Like quite a few modern day "tough men" players, he relies on the video tribunal and his mates at CH 7 to escape any on field retribution, and his mates AT the tribunal to escape off field retribution. The "what happens on the field stays on the field" system of natural justice could be a bit ugly at times, but there were a lot less snipers of the type typified by Hodge, Mitchell, Chick, and the likes of Ling and Stevie "J".

The last of the players who didn't have to put up with snipers was probably Big Bad Barry Hall, coz he was prepared to give a little retribution if he thought the offending player was not going to be punished by official channels. I'm not saying it is good for the game, but I'm definitely not saying it was bad for the game either.
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DocDocker Hodge 6 years 11 months ago #4

Hodge traditionally roughs up Fyfe by going close to the line or crossing the line but for whatever reason the umpires don't see it and the commentators call it good hard play. Fyfe responds by going in even harder at the next play and usually gets pinged by the umpires. Fyfe needs to learn from the great Barry Cable. Lethal Leigh cleaned up Barry in a game when Leigh was playing for the Hawks and Cable was playing for North Melbourne. Barry never forgot and waited for the right opportunity to present itself several games later and made the most of the opportunity. Not saying Fyfe should wait that long but an opportunity will present itself in the same game. Having said that De Beor would do a better a job of making the most of the opportunity than Fyfe. Maybe some delegation is required.
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freoval, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Dockerplus Hodge 6 years 11 months ago #5

Before the first bounce in the Launceston game Fyfe went up to Hodge and shook his hand. At the time I thought it was a strange gesture before the start of the game: a bit subservient. Hodge seemed surprised and it didn't take him long to put some rough stuff into Fyfe.
Hopefully Fyfe won't be repeating it on Friday. Wait until the end of the game and then shake the hand of every hawk and make sure your grin says that you've ended their 2015 campaign.
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demo1 said You Beaut

Jezza Hodge 6 years 11 months ago #6

I'll go as far as saying he's a modern day thug. And if he's supposedly a role model, then as avid supporters of this game, we've been duped. He's recent drink drive charge is an absolute disgrace. And for the AFL to not have intervened on the sanction, says a lot for the organisation. I would put Suban on Hodge and give him one instruction. If he completes the game, you're on the trade table.
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The Prince, freoval, slammen, PurpleMom, Raglan Matt, Down on down, 9981 said You Beaut

hypen Hodge 6 years 11 months ago #7

He is the ultimate footballer tough, courageous and skilful.

But I think DeBoer is the type of character who would thrive against an opponent like him. A shutdown role that does not require 12 kms of running.
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Rhufus said You Beaut

shane Hodge 6 years 11 months ago #8

Pffft....deBoer? Put Fyfe on him and let's make it a game of football.
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Noddy Hodge 6 years 11 months ago #9

I want to see 211 run through a few blokes, now is the time.
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FD1016, OL55, Jango, okeedokee, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

larkin Hodge 6 years 11 months ago #10

Draft history:
2001 National AFL Draft priority selection (Hawthorn) No. 1 overall traded by Fremantle for Trent Croad and Luke McPharlin.
Height 186 cm DOB 15-06-1984
Weight 89 kg Debut 2005

soft calfs - vulnerable to a good kicking.
nervous around goal posts.
Bad karma makes him vulnerable
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Rhufus Hodge 6 years 11 months ago #11

for the umpteenth time, Hypen is right, abuse or criticise Hodge all you want, he is the ultimate footballer. Two times Norm Smith. (whoever that bloody Vic was).
you cant denigrate Hodge into submission we just have to nullify him. Actually man him up would be a good start. The best coach in the comp (no not Roly) needs to be outsmarted by the heir apparent (yes Roly) and we need to neutralise Hodge and Mitchell. I have been saying this for ages but since Creepy has retired, we have not produced a new Creepy with either De Pig or Clancy.
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Raglan Matt Hodge 6 years 11 months ago #12

Raglan Matt
Hodge like Mitchell has become an off the ball sniper in the last few years, and has been allowed to get away with it so has continued to infringe. He is going to be remembered by opposition fans for this sniping in his later career as much as for his brilliance and 2 Normies.
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myboys Hodge 6 years 11 months ago #13

Rhufus is right about Hypen's being right!

Can't underestimate him.
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hypen Hodge 6 years 11 months ago #14

thankyou Rhufus and Myboys. I am going to show my wife your posts!
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Alvin Prpl said You Beaut
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