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TOPIC: Goal kickers

Spades Goal kickers 8 years 2 months ago #1

After hearing all the guff about how other teams are more potent than us I decided to do some stats analysis of my own. I took a very simple approach and counted the number of goal kickers we had compared to the "all mighty conquering" egirls.

We had 6 goal kickers to their 8....not that bigger difference in my eyes. If Sheridan had kicked his get able goal and same with Pav we too would have 8.

Having re watched the replay the pressure in our game appeared to be more finals like than what the Hawks through at the mob up the road. I am starting to think we are not that badly placed.

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Jezza Goal kickers 8 years 2 months ago #2

There's no pressure like finals pressure. And you're spot on, the Freo v Syd game showed that. Hence the low scoring game. That is what is being missed by many who thought we were lucky to win. When sides play Freo, they're sore the week after. We've seem to be copping from all so called footy experts about our ability to score and yet we still keep winning. Even our own fans are not liking what they're seeing. It's a pity but like Ross said, teams will have to play at their very best to beat us.
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goodie, Raglan Matt, DockerKnockers, Tricolour said You Beaut

Davo Goal kickers 8 years 2 months ago #3

i) If Clarke hadn't marked on the line, it would only have been 5.
ii) Our midfield only kicked 2 goals between them.
iii) Inside 50's were 41-53. We were fortunate the Swans didn't kick straight.
iv) Dropping Taberner was a mistake, at least he is a target and can bring it to ground.
v) Ugly or otherwise, we're going to need 14 goals to beat Hawthorn.
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Noddy, DazzElle said You Beaut

jezzaargh Goal kickers 8 years 2 months ago #4

and If Sandi had been awarded the mark he took, it could have been 9...

a better analysis would be to look at the season, per game, number of goal kickers and number of goals each of those kicked (FreDoh?)
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Spades Goal kickers 8 years 2 months ago #5

Not if we can keep them to 9 again.

That is if they even get through to us!!
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Jezza Goal kickers 8 years 2 months ago #6

I'm not sure the Hawks can beat Adl but should they do, I'm going on the fact in Rd.21 last year after coming back from Geelong after a loss on the Siren when Mundy missed his set shot. We beat the Hawks 17-8 (110) to (13-13) 91. We weren't scoring much back then either. The team changes this time will be ins: Ballas, AA Luke, Ibbo, Sheriden Suban. Outs: Crowley, Duffield, Duffy, Crozier? Silvagni. And this time we'll be playing against a banged up opposition. I know which team I'll be jumping on.
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Morgan Goal kickers 8 years 2 months ago #7

The question, for mine, is how often not being able to put a score on the board efficiently has hurt us in terms of wins and losses?

So, let’s start with the four losses (ie, not counting Port)

In our losses to Richmond and West Coast really what cost us the game was letting the other team pump us in the first quarter. We scored 70 and 80 points in those losses, effectively in three quarters of play. That’s a reasonable rate of scoring. You could argue being able to score more quickly might have helped us claw back those games, but we just didn’t have the ball for the whole first quarter. That has nothing to do with scoring.

Hawks smashed us in every department. That had very little to do with our scoring efficiency.

North was the one game where not hitting the scoreboard hurt us in the end. But that’s really one game out of 22. Mayne slots one from 15m out, we win that game.

Over the last few years we’ve really struggled to score without Ballas. I can’t pin down the how / why, but he is really important to our scoring output. We also had a lot of rainy games this season. I reckon that has really hurt our ‘raw’ data. Also, our rebound scoring took a nosedive with Johnno out. He’s the only one in the backline who can aggressively pick out a bloke coming out of defence.

Perhaps I’m overly optimistic, but I saw some really great signs on Saturday. Ballas and Walters look in great nick. Mayne has started holding some marks, and looks busy. Pav had some trouble with the ball in flight on a windy day, but he moved well, and his hands with the bouncing ball were excellent.

Our midfield didn’t really hit the scoreboard against the Swans, but that’s the way they set up. Against teams that run hard forward, our mids will do some damage going the other way (especially with Johnno to get the ball rolling).

We’ll score enough if we’re good enough.
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goodie, Dockerplus, Davo, DockerKnockers, Darthdad said You Beaut

DockerKnockers Goal kickers 8 years 2 months ago #8

The Slime's potent forward line is essentially the same as it was last season. Last year they were not scoring like they are this year (about 40 goals less in 2014).

Statistically (goals aside), Freo match up fairly closely to the Slime, apart from two areas, the Slime have more i50s and considerably more Free Kicks differential (For-Against), which lead to i50s. Evidence of how midfielders and i50 statistics effect the scoreboard can be seen when Fyfe has been missing (through resting or injury), Freo have scored about one goal less.
It is also our fringe mids and defenders that are not providing the run, rebound and inside 50's that we have had previous seasons. The likes of Crowley, Mzungu, Sutcliffe provided more offensive movement in 2014, than what we see in 2015. I believe Johnson going down in Round 10 meant we lost a great deal of our rebound/offensive structure coming out of defence (ie. Sutcliffe staying deeper in defence).

I believe the Slime score more than Freo because of;
i) Kennedy is one of, if not the best Forward in the league (equates to an extra 20 goals over Freo).
ii) Free Kicks make a massive difference and the Slime get more than their share (+30 goals).
iii) Simpson has coached the Slime well. They spread, run and deliver in to the i50 very well (+20 goals) .

(NB RE: ii) the Slime have Frees For 424 - Frees Against 344 = +80 vs Freo 394 - 446 = -52, that's a net difference of 132 Frees which is considerable, especially when you truly understand the dramatic effect a free kick has on the run of play in a game of football)
Gone to bigfooty where there's fewer Docker Haters.
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ffc369 Goal kickers 8 years 2 months ago #9

I hope we play Hawthorn. They've traveled to Perth back to Melbourne play a game and back to Perth. Something that I don't think they have experienced ever. Welcome to the travels of an interstate team.
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shane Goal kickers 8 years 2 months ago #10

Yeah, and for Luke Hodge thats about 5 cartons.
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okeedokee Goal kickers 8 years 2 months ago #11

After the Hawks performance last Friday night, it seemed they all had had their fair share.

And those recent premiership teams now know what it's like to travel, (across country)
especially at finals time. Isn't that what we put up with last year.
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Jezza Goal kickers 8 years 2 months ago #12

What's amusing is that commentary about teams do travel well is now coming to a head. These Vics, do not travel every second week. They're are shot, the Hawks if they are to travel back to Perth. In fact, Freo have never been in this position before. 2015, the year everyone sat up and took notice.
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Raglan Matt Goal kickers 8 years 2 months ago #13

Raglan Matt
Shane, Hawks made a mistake taking games to Launceston, Boonie has obviously been giving Hodge some extra curricular training. Maybe he'll go for Boonies record on the next trip west.
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snoop Goal kickers 8 years 2 months ago #14

We only need to score more than the other team does. We're the best team at this thgis season.

We're looking good.
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Docker 26 said You Beaut
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