TOPIC: MRP and the fine on Mundy

freoboy49 MRP and the fine on Mundy 5 years 3 weeks ago #1

i. I know there's another thread praising the virtues of Kangaroos player 29. I don't want to sully this thread by mentioning that player's name.
ii. I know that Mundy has now accepted the penalty of a $1000 fine, reduced from $1500, for striking Kangaroos Player 29.
iii. From the MRP report: Based on the video evidence available and a medical report from the North Melbourne Football Club, it was the view of the panel the incident should be classified as intentional conduct with low impact to the body. This offence was classified as a $1500 sanction. The player has no applicable bad record. An early plea can reduce the penalty to a $1000 sanction.
iv. I suspect the view of Mundy and the Dockers is that it is worth forking over the $1000 rather than go through the grief of challenging the penalty. My view is that it would have been worth the possible extra $500 to drag that unspeakable opponent in front of the tribunal and argue the case.
v. A view of the video shows Kangaroos Player 29 pinging another Fremantle player immediately before coming close past Mundy. (That didn't warrant any mention by anyone.) Mundy takes a little tap at 29 who (as others have rightly noted) does his usual drama queen act and falls dramatically to ground.
vi. Surely the panel could have deemed that there was insufficient contact to constitute a strike. Had anyone argued that it was, then why did player 29 continue the game, given that the alleged offence occurred in Q2? I think Mundy would have had a strong case.
vii. It would have been worth it to call the player to defend his (minuscule) credibility and to use his blatant exaggeration (300 pinches) in the Crowley case to show that he cannot be trusted.
viii. It is truly tragic that the Kangaroos player in question besmirches the jumper number that has been so nobly worn by Fremantle's truly greatest player and team captain. Sorry Pav.
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bozza, DazzElle, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Freolifer MRP and the fine on Mundy 5 years 3 weeks ago #2

The poison dwarf has stated he will do anything he can to win a game....tosser
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Corporal Agarn MRP and the fine on Mundy 5 years 3 weeks ago #3

Corporal Agarn
Agree with you FB 49, but you and I know we don't challenge anything and continue to go merrily along our way, bending over and taking it every time.
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Morgan MRP and the fine on Mundy 5 years 3 weeks ago #4

The Tribunal has demonstrated that they will believe Harvey when he is making things up, in the absence of any video evidence. What makes you think they wouldn't believe him this time when there is at least some video evidence to support him.

There are better ways to spend $500 dollars. Like contributing $500 to getting a teammate to whack Harvey again.
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Corporal Agarn MRP and the fine on Mundy 5 years 3 weeks ago #5

Corporal Agarn
Okay, we need someone who is about to announce their retirement, not even necessarily from Fremantle, to go out in a blaze of glory by absolutely flattening the little weasel once and for all.
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Raglan Matt MRP and the fine on Mundy 5 years 3 weeks ago #6

Raglan Matt
Where do we snd our gold coin to help pay the fine?
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guy smiley MRP and the fine on Mundy 5 years 3 weeks ago #7

guy smiley
I'd take early retirement for that but I'm not sure that's quite what you're after.

hmmmm... Weasel Whacking. Gotta be a franchise in that.
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