TOPIC: What I learnt: Round 21

Dockerplus What I learnt: Round 21 4 years 3 months ago #113

I agree 2015 is much better than 2001.
In 2001 we had to wait until the very last game to see Freo win at home; against Adelaide. That year we won our first game against the Hawks in round 18 at the MCG.
I have no doubt that this year is better.
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Raglan Matt What I learnt: Round 21 4 years 3 months ago #114

Raglan Matt
We've never been in this position before, makes it hard to assess what is happening. I agree, A Pearce will be a very good player. In the backline. Some of our skill error is down to the fact that players are being pushed in the back as they kick, held by one arm as they attempt to mark or pick the ball up off the ground, tackled round the neck or ankles as they attempt to break into space. Some of our skill errors are a result of slack application of the fundamentals of footy. One of these problems can be fixed easily, one not so easily.
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walba What I learnt: Round 21 4 years 3 months ago #115

Morgan's right but the lack of impact of these six players has been noted for weeks and nothing has been done. Now it's too late so we enter the finals with a seriously handicapped team. No matter, when the inevitable happens we can blame the umpires as usual.
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Corporal Agarn What I learnt: Round 21 4 years 3 months ago #116

Corporal Agarn
It seems highly unlikely that we will blood any new players now, particularly seeing as Blakely is injured, so that leaves Duffield, Pearce and Clarke as the only ones likely to force there way in. Plus maybe Ballas and Crowley?
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longtimesufferer What I learnt: Round 21 4 years 3 months ago #117

Crack at what flag? The Australian flag? Two chances of defeat in two weeks? My point is- what happened to that team of the first 8 rounds? Admittedly you can't maintain that momentum at that level forever, but of all of the games we've lost the game was over in the first quarter. Their game is now full of errors and reactive as opposed to proactive football. Is it a psychological thing? There just doesn't seem to be that same spark or finesse. By the way there were no expectations in 2001, 2015 there is or is it just false hope created by the initial part of the season. Living in a fantasy land that suddenly our ladder position indicates our ability , is simply a fool's paradise.
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R34 What I learnt: Round 21 4 years 3 months ago #118

I heard some commentators mention that if WA teams finish 1, 2 the team in position 2 will not get a home final due to the agreement with the MCG.
Is that true?
Maybe we'll have to play in Geelong again
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freoboy49 What I learnt: Round 21 4 years 3 months ago #119

Thanks jimb2.
That's no longer an escaped goat then?
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lavo What I learnt: Round 21 4 years 3 months ago #120

1) Competition is wide open
2) If your forward line is physically smaller than the backs playing on them, its hopeless bombing the ball in time and time again. Short chips to leads on the chest might help....
3) Don't spoil your team mate in a marking contest inside the 50.
4) Sandi beat Goldstein on DT points, smashed him in the tapouts, yet fails to rate a mention. My guess is Goldstein has the inside run to the Charlie, and the media are doing their best to plant that seed into the umps minds for the last few rounds to get him over the line.
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Morgan What I learnt: Round 21 4 years 3 months ago #121

The AFL's contract with the MCG requires that at least ten finals matches (excluding Grand Finals) are played at the MCG every five years (ie, two a year). For the sake of argument, if the ladder stayed unchanged, they could do that in the first round.

I don't think it's an issue.
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rogerrocks What I learnt: Round 21 4 years 3 months ago #122

They'll only make us play a final in Melbourne in the first week of finals if we send a second string team to Adelaide in round 23. Which is exactly what we should do anyway.
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Docker76 What I learnt: Round 21 4 years 3 months ago #123

After some digesting of the weekends footy - it's easy to over react. North probably had more to play for and in the last quarter they were good. We got two weeks to get our mojo back. I'm backing Ross and the boys in. Come on !!!
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DockerKnockers What I learnt: Round 21 4 years 3 months ago #124

i) Freo can still lose even if they kick 12 goals.
ii) Whereas every one of the last 10 games Freo have lost, they have been on the negative side of the Free Kick tally.
iii) My concerns of not playing McPharlin last week and not playing Pav this week were real.
iv) My concerns of opposition forwards taking advantage of Sutcliffe are real (Boomer 3 goals and hit post in 30mins).
v) Talk of injecting youth is ridiculous when Crozier, Sutcliffe and A.Pearce are a big reason for this weeks loss.
vi) We lost to the form team by 2 kicks, missed Pav, played bad, missed goals, bad umpiring, Fyfe not 100%. Not so bad.
vii) I'd like to think we are tanking, hence our poor goal kicking ... then I remember our 2013 GF. :(
viii) The whole country knows Boomer is a lying cheat ... and the MRP endorse it.
Gone to bigfooty where there's fewer Docker Haters.
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