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TOPIC: The Replacement of Zachary Dawson

shane The Replacement of Zachary Dawson 8 years 3 months ago #1

The Replacement of Zachary Dawson

Zac Dawson had been reported
and guilty was what he pleaded
So the coach had a look at the WAFL
for a replacement fist was needed

There weren't many big defenders
Who could fill Dawson's glove or shoe
Ross looked around and wandered off
Saying 'Silvagni would have to do'

So the SCOS lined up in the Derby
(that's the second cousin of Steven's)
It was his big chance to make his name
Against those bloody West Coast heathens

It wasn't a good game for defenders
Nor for anyone from the port
So we'll skip to the bit where the umpy said
'Alex Silvangi, you're on report'

The home crowd only learned of it
When West Coast started a barny
And the target of their disdain this time
Appeared to be Alex Silvagni

Cripps was lying motionless
Doctors feared he was paralytic
Although it's fair to say of the home crowd
They we're a little less sympathetic

"Dig a hole and bury him"
Was the cry of the Freo crowd
Although out of respect for the widow Cripps
They didn't yell it out too loud

The replay showed Silvagni had
Caught an Eagles player high
Which is usually what policemen do
In off-season or weekends of the bye

It turned out that Cripps wasn't dead
Which will come as good news to his wife
As for his assailant SCOS,
Here's some unsolicitated advice

If you feel the need to hit an Eagle
You don't need much of a reason
But when they capture it on video
You'll be out for the rest of the season
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hypen, darthmarto, Dr Sleep, Bizkit, rogerrocks, JackH, Raglan Matt, Corporal Agarn, DockerKnockers, Helenv said You Beaut and this user have 1 others thankyou

Docker76 The Replacement of Zachary Dawson 8 years 3 months ago #2

I have heard this forum bang on about how good Alex scos is - I have seen today and in the past against the best forwards he is not up it. Still a good back up back man
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larkin The Replacement of Zachary Dawson 8 years 3 months ago #3

Tokubetsu Kogekitai aka Kamikazi Kid
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goodie The Replacement of Zachary Dawson 8 years 3 months ago #4

I agree docker 76. Silvagni tries hard but his default position is to give clumsy free kicks away and I've never really understood why he's so popular here. We desperately needed Macpharlin and Dawson today. Fortunately we'll have them back soon.
The positive I'm taking out of all this is I don't think we could play that bad again and we still kind of looked like pinching it. A few blokes playing for their spots and possibly their careers at the moment.
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rogerrocks The Replacement of Zachary Dawson 8 years 3 months ago #5

He's not the guy to take Kennedy. But pretty good otherwise.
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jezzaargh said You Beaut

Rhufus The Replacement of Zachary Dawson 8 years 3 months ago #6

I still remember the day Scos took Franklin (for the Hawks) to the cleaners at Subi oval. Totally killed him. That's what old Dockerlanders remember and he just cant get a good run at it without a) injury or b) brain fade. He needs a long stint and to get his confidence back. Having said that he ideally wouldn't match up on Kennedy.
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Bizkit, rogerrocks said You Beaut

dddocker The Replacement of Zachary Dawson 8 years 3 months ago #7

1. Silvagni is NOT a KPP. I don't think we'll see SCOS before the finals anyway.
2. Alex Pearce needs to play in the backline as a tall BP player alongside McP and Johnno. Forget about him as a forward for the moment.
3. We need McP and Johnno as our KPP's down back for the finals. Dawson will be in against NM.
4. I would like to see Mundy down back with Hill. Hill was one of our better players today.
5. I hope Ross continues to give Weller, Blakely and Langdon a go in the midfield..
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snoop said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn The Replacement of Zachary Dawson 8 years 3 months ago #8

Corporal Agarn
#5-continues?? We've only seen Weller play two halves out of the three you mentioned
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