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Rusted On AFLCA Round 13 8 years 5 months ago #1

Rusted On
Bit of a dogs breakfast, but for BOG both coaches chose well...

8 Fyfe (Frem)
5 Hill (Frem)
4 McPharlin (Frem)
4 Neale (Frem)
3 Swan (Coll)
2 Ibbotson (Frem)
2 Walters (Frem)
1 Frost (Coll)
1 Williams (Coll)


98 Nat Fyfe (Frem)
61 Dan Hannebery (Syd)
48 Matt Priddis (WC)
45 Todd Goldstein (NM)
45 Scott Pendlebury (Coll)
43 Dylan Shiel (GWS)
42 David Armitage (St K)
41 Dayne Beams (Bris)
39 Andrew Gaff (WC)
37 Sam Mitchell (Haw)
37 Luke Parker (Syd)
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WAL AFLCA Round 13 8 years 5 months ago #2

Not both coaches, it would appear one coach voted Hill BOG with 5 votes whilst the other coach gave him nil votes.
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freoboy49 AFLCA Round 13 8 years 5 months ago #3

I agree.
My reckoning is that Coach A gave:
Fyfe 5; McPharlin (or Neale) 4; Swan 3; Ibbotson (or Walters) 2; and Frost (or Williams) 1
and Coach B gave:
Hill 5; Neale (or McPharlin) 4; Fyfe 3; Walters (or Ibbotson) 2; and Williams (or Frost) 1

No votes for Pendlebury, despite having stats very similar to Fyfe's?
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ChewyBoot AFLCA Round 13 8 years 5 months ago #4

There was a similar variation of view last time the teams met way back in Round 1, 2014 when the coaches voted:

8 Fyfe (Frem)
6 Hill (Frem)
5 D. Pearce (Frem)
5 Sandilands (Frem)
3 Johnson (Frem)
2 McPharlin (Frem)
1 Barlow (Frem)

You can see from that that either D.Pearce or Sandilands was considered BOG by only one of the coaches.
From memory (unreliable) Ross said later that he gave Sandilands top votes for that game, (and Fyfe got the subs vest after 3 quarters, missing out on Brownlow votes).
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Raglan Matt AFLCA Round 13 8 years 5 months ago #5

Raglan Matt
In a game that the "experts" commentary panel on CH 7 said that Collinfwood were very brave, pushed Freo to the limit, and were very unlucky to lose, the coaches seemed to think Freo were fairly dominant going on the 25 to 5 margin in the votes. The popularity.. sorry Brownlow medal votes for this game will be very interesting.
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gidgegary AFLCA Round 13 8 years 5 months ago #6

From my vantage point one row back from the fence on the 50 metre line, Travis Varcoe was clearly Collingwood's best, I felt that he was a thorn in our side all night. And I thought Aaron Sandilands was outstanding, though Fyfe would edge him for b.o.g., no arguments there. So based on the coaches votes I'm not much good at picking the best players.

However, I'm not alone there. I saw two post match media reports that had Travis Cloke in the best players. No goals from Trav, got a couple of possessions up on the wing but no real influence on the game, media puts him in the best players.
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zorro AFLCA Round 13 8 years 5 months ago #7

My (non-partisan) mate reckons the coaches should have given Sandi 29 votes; don't know who Daylight is, but seems he was the other bloke deserved a vote.
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rogerrocks said You Beaut

timmeh AFLCA Round 13 8 years 5 months ago #8

I find it interesting that there were people in the media who reckoned that cloke won the honors even though he didnt score. Thing is that if you watch luke play he will happily conceed a mark around centre wing.. his hamstrings and calves are to brittle otherwise.. But anything near the goals will always get spoilt.
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

pollyanna AFLCA Round 13 8 years 5 months ago #9

Sandi delivered relentlessly all night. When push came to shove, Walters and Hill gave the Collywobbles the old heave-ho. That's a fact, argue abstract assumptions all you like.
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Alvin Prpl said You Beaut

Raglan Matt AFLCA Round 13 8 years 5 months ago #10

Raglan Matt
I thought Hill was up there with Fyfe for the amount of work he did . Sandi was Sandi, unnoticed by the media.
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Onwano AFLCA Round 13 8 years 5 months ago #11

AA Luke had Cloke covered. You saw it a few times that about 70+ metres out he'd pull up short and allow Cloke to grab the mark so he could get back to the hole or defend a tall marking player.

Is it true that Fyfe only needs 16 votes to equal the all time score? He could do that in 2 rounds...
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

dark horse AFLCA Round 13 8 years 5 months ago #12

dark horse
I must admit I had Ibbo as close to BOG - calm and in the way of a lot of the Pies' forward pushes all night, just goes to show the different ways 40,000 people can see the same game....
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Macca4, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Fre_DOh AFLCA Round 13 8 years 5 months ago #13

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docker_man AFLCA Round 13 8 years 5 months ago #14

Thinking it went this way

Ross Lyon
5 Hill
4 Neale
3 Fyfe
2 Walters
1 Frost/Williams

Nathan Buckley
5 Fyfe
4 McPharlin
3 Swan
2 Ibbotson
1 Frost/Williams
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