TOPIC: Franklin & Tippett 1 Week MRP

Drubbing Franklin & Tippett 1 Week MRP 4 years 4 months ago #57

"Franklin's conduct was significantly worse than Fyfe's or Ballantyne's."

Can you imagine the stroke-inducing cognitive dissonance that would create at the MRP?
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rogerrocks Franklin & Tippett 1 Week MRP 4 years 4 months ago #58

Lets face it Shane, all you are proving is that Buddy had a brain fade. In a split second it is obvious to anyone watching that Buddy decided not to go for the ball, but to bump, and he did it in a way that his opponents head was inevitably going to suffer.

You don't need to be a genius to see what went through his mind.
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Raglan Matt Franklin & Tippett 1 Week MRP 4 years 4 months ago #59

Raglan Matt
This rule is another example of the AwFL wording a law so that the interpretation can be varied to suit the player and club involved, and the commercial interests so affected by said penalty/non penalty. Go through the laws of the game today, and most have this "weasel clause" to enable MRP and umpires panel/apoligists/advisors to justify their decision. No Shane I am not having a crack at your argument in this particular case.
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shane Franklin & Tippett 1 Week MRP 4 years 4 months ago #60

Not liking Buddy isn't good enough reason to fiddle with the rating to manipulate the penalty. He didn't charge in with a high elbow or any of that nonsense you're imagining. The height difference was what caused high contact. He went in relatively low and used as much force as was needed to knock Edwards over.

You would have to be mental, or think that Franklin is, to imagine that his intention was to hit Edwards in the head. He wanted to legally take Edwards out of the contest with a shepherd.
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jameshome Franklin & Tippett 1 Week MRP 4 years 4 months ago #61

It was accidental head contact. Just like if Edwards had been paralysed. It would have been an accident.
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pollyanna Franklin & Tippett 1 Week MRP 4 years 4 months ago #62

It was head contact only because Edwards' noggin was stuck to his body - a Mack truck doesn't distinguish between one part of the body and another. When I watch Monster Trucks on television, I'm not interested if one of them breaks the speed limit - I just wanna see them crashing over smaller trucks.
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The_Yeti Franklin & Tippett 1 Week MRP 4 years 4 months ago #63


its not a question of 'not liking' Buddy. He's a great footballer. Wish we had him at Freo (although he would have gotten 3 weeks if he was wearing purple)

I also dispute that he went in low. He didn't. He also raised the height of his shoulder during the bump. I'd agree that the there is a height difference that contributed to the high hit but Buddy does have a history of that and fact that he makes little or no effort to go low mitigates against a careless rating.

He looked and made a decision to forget the ball and go the bump. The red mist descended, clearly.

My beef with the whole exercise is not that i think its a good rule, I don't but it's selectively applied and selectively interpreted. Just like the 'in the marking contest' when Pav was hit two long strides after completing the mark or 'insufficient force' when an elbow strike only created the need for five stitches.

When the AFL stops having favourites and protected species and examples in purple then we might see more reasonable rules....but we don't have that.
Egurls Suck!
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Placekick, Drubbing, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

shane Franklin & Tippett 1 Week MRP 4 years 4 months ago #64

He went in low and he tucked in his arm.

He was allowed to bump. Bumping was the good football decision. He would have been tackled as soon as he got the ball and he would have gained nothing. He went in low, he tucked his arm in but his size and Edwards' movement to tackle (illegally, mind you) meant Franklin needed to execute it better. Perfectly defined by the category of careless.
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bpurple Franklin & Tippett 1 Week MRP 4 years 4 months ago #65

I don't think the bump was the only option, your still shows a Swans player standing just out of shot. Could franklin not have turned his body, using his momentum, superior size and strength to shield the ball and slap the ball back to this guy inside the fifty? Surely that is the smarter football decision as it creates a scoring opportunity for his team. Or even shepherd the Richmond player off the ball and call in his team mate.

I also disagree it was not deliberate, he had time to size up the Richmond player, position his body for impact and smash his shoulder into his head. The fact he tucked his shoulder is irrelevant and was more about self preservation than concern for the other player. Its like saying the cannibals are now using knives and forks so we are making progress. He meant it, he was lucky to get off lightly, the tribunal wont change it's decision so good luck to him. I do feel the Karma bus is parked just around the corner though.
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