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TOPIC: Aaron Black

Drummy Aaron Black 9 years 2 days ago #1

Maybe Aaron Black might be coming over...few on here would be happy I would think with straight swap for Sheridan...


"NORTH Melbourne forward Aaron Black could request a trade to Fremantle at season’s end after spending the first half of the season languishing in the VFL.

Black, has rebuffed the Dockers’ strong interest for several years but will consider his future after losing form and confidence in the Roos’ VFL affiliate North Ballarat.

Several other clubs, including Port Adelaide, are also believed to be interested in the 192cm goalkicker.

Black is contracted to Arden St until the end of 2017 after signing a four-year deal on the back of a breakthrough 2013 season.

But he has languished in the VFL playing key forward for a team which has suffered repeated heavy losses this year."
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Lazza040 said You Beaut

vicmont Re: Aaron Black 9 years 2 days ago #2

You'd swap a player who is languishing in the VFL and rejected all our earlier interest for a young player building in confidence?
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FD1016, Dockerplus said You Beaut

Drummy Re: Aaron Black 9 years 2 days ago #3

Me personally...no, I am a big fan of what Sheridan offers us.

However in terms of Black languishing in the VFL, it can be hard to improve in the rezzies when that 2nd string side is getting pumped every week so maybe that Black's true potential and current value is not being seen nor realised.

If you look at his 2013,he kicked 33 goals from 18 games when he was 22 years old. If you can get him for little lost at the table then you can still gun for a big name forward in addition to Black.
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expat Re: Aaron Black 9 years 2 days ago #4

Absolutely keep Sheridan. What are you thinking giving away Sheridan for a reserve player.
If Black has already knocked back the offer to come to Freo then we look somewhat desperate extending another invitation.
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werdnarewop said You Beaut

goodie Re: Aaron Black 9 years 2 days ago #5

I wonder what has happened to Kersten from South Freo who went to Geelong ( i think). There was big wraps on him a couple of years ago. Coniglio from gws is another unsigned West Aussie but we need another midfielder like a hole in the head.
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hypen Re: Aaron Black 9 years 2 days ago #6

Don't want Fyfe at CHF, Goodie.
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Morgan Re: Aaron Black 9 years 2 days ago #7

Over the coming years, our weakness is more likely to be a second (or even first) tall forward than our tenth midfielder.

Worth a look.
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Bizkit said You Beaut

Drummy Re: Aaron Black 9 years 2 days ago #8

I hear what you are saying Expat, I have been on here few times saying am fan of Sheridan and what he gives us being one of the best runners at the club.

I only bring his name up as the article, whether scurrilous or otherwise, mentions that Tommy Sheridan has been linked to move home to Victoria. If that be the case then we have to have good look at Black.

He has been kitting up for North Ballarat in the VFL this season and their results make for interesting reading. He has kicked four "bags" of 2 goals and twice kicked one goal for a return of 10 goals.

Nothing spectacular clearly, but on closer look, North Ballarat are mostly getting pumped each week. They have three times lost by 80 odd points and another time lost to Western Bulldogs VFL side by 140+ points. What chance has the guy got of a) kicking many majors and b) therefore breaking in to Roos side that has Ben Brown and Waite who have taken his spot with Petrie cemented in there as well.

Originally from Peel,long way from home and not cracking an AFL game, try to imagine the guy's mindset lining up for North Ballarat Roosters every week the way they are. We would know once we have him we would have him for next six or seven years. He would not be main forward, I see him as more of our version of dare I say it - Jack Darling. He's low market value now so would be great time to grab him...then in my fantasy world in 2017 we have some loot in the cupboard to offer the big bucks for lets say Jesse Hogan. You then have these plus Taberner and thats a side to build around. Fantasy of Hogan aside...if you look at video of Aaron Blacks big 2013 you are reminded what he can do:

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goodie said You Beaut

Jezza Re: Aaron Black 9 years 2 days ago #9

Let me get this right. He's knocked back Freo and now thinks that we might be interested. Mitch Clark all over again. Roly would be saying " Aaron who?". Somehow I don't think we'll have trouble attracting a couple of KPP when Pav lifts the mug in Oct. Here's the blokes who'll be jumping on the Purple Train: Dixon, Lachie Henderson, Cam McCarthy, Rance, Paperone and Coniglio ( but who needs another mid)
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Oliver P Re: Aaron Black 9 years 2 days ago #10

Oliver P
A prime goal kicking midfielder, 1st round draft pick or a guy in the starting 22 for the team on top of the ladder for a bloke with a dodgy shoulder that appears to be struggling for form in the twos and can't crack a game for a middle of the road team.

Hmmm that sounds like a great deal. I'm sure Bond, Chris Bond will be all over that one
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werdnarewop, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Thornton Re: Aaron Black 9 years 2 days ago #11

Personally I would trade Sheridan for Black. Oliver its not fair to talk up one as a prime mover and talk the other down as struggling in the two's to make your point. If you look a bit deeper its not the case.

I like Sheridan but he's not a prime goal kicking midfielder by any stretch. That black is playing in the two's is good because it lowers his value otherwise Sheridan might not be enough to actually get him. There's every chance that if Black did come across he'd regain his form and confidence and would produce his 2013 form. He would get much more opportunity here than at north and Ross could get the best out of him.

Tommy is a good kid but the reality is that quality key tall's are so much harder to come by than mid's like Sheridan which is why I would do this trade.
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goodie, Morgan, Bizkit said You Beaut

Oliver P Re: Aaron Black 9 years 2 days ago #12

Oliver P
I am not suggesting Sheridan is a prime mover but I am noting is he is starting 22 and, in my opinion, performing well.

I am also not saying Black is not worth thinking about, I am merely suggesting the article is possibly giving him a higher value than he might be at the moment. I actually think he might be a handy acquisition.
That said, it might be worth considering we hoped form, confidence and injuries would improve at Freo for Jack Anthony and Scott Gumbleton (and while not a KPP's Colin Sylvia and others). Sadly, they didn't quite work out.

However, if Sheridan is considering a move home, as the article suggests, that would completely change the dynamic of any considerations.
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number 2 Re: Aaron Black 9 years 2 days ago #13

number 2
The real discussion here should be along the lines of, why are we playing Colonwood on a thursday night?
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pollyanna Re: Aaron Black 9 years 2 days ago #14

One thing for sure is that Sheridan isn't a Jack Anthony - I'm not sure anyone here can convince me that Aaron Black isn't.

If someone said to me 'Polly, which big white-fella goal kicker would you grab if one was semi-available?' - I would answer, 'Hogan'.

Then we would all laugh because Paul Hogan is too bloody old (and would kack it trying to mark the ball).
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rogerrocks, smerf said You Beaut