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TOPIC: 2021: Round 19 - Team Selections

Alvin Prpl 2021: Round 19 - Team Selections 1 month 4 weeks ago #15

Alvin Prpl
Well it's been a long unsuccessful year for the Buccaneers, however here we are on the eve of the finals knowing we are no chance of making the 8 but we can play a strong hand in shaping the 8.

Hey Biz I never did receive that carton?
So sorry but I am naming a team that has every chance of upsetting your plans, after all as someone pointed out I am going for my 100th win.

B: Charlie Ballard, Grant Birchall
M: Zach Merrett, Josh P Kennedy, Caleb Daniel
F: Jack Riewoldt, Connor Rozee
R: Scott Lycett

I: Patrick Ryder, Steele Sidebottom, Callan Ward, Ben Brown

Nah mate I hope you make the 8 and you probably still will with a loss, but if you can't beat the Buccaneers you'll only be making up numbers anyway.
Good luck Biz, good luck all

God I hope I can make draft night next year, missing every second one is playing havoc with my percentage

*Edit I just swapped Steele Sidebottom and Josh Kennedy
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Bizkit said You Beaut

Straddo 2021: Round 19 - Team Selections 1 month 4 weeks ago #16

Well well well. Who would have thought that at the end of the season, top spot would come down to a battle between the Souls and the Hooleys. A look at the historical stats shows that the Souls and the Hooleys are pretty evenly matched, 4 wins each and a draw. Looking back at last week and the Souls scored 153 and the Dooleys 153.5. It's a cracker to finish off the Home and away rounds.

As usual I have no idea who the Hooleys have picked in their side, so I'll just have to wait for Merc to decipher it for me at the end of the round. The Souls have made a couple of changes, Danger has been doing bugger all except screwing with our "If-only" scores so he can have a rest on the pine. King is unlucky to go out, and I really really really hope he kicks a bag this week but its hard when you're playing a team of 25 so I've rolled the dice on Rohan coming back in and kicking a few for the Cats in the absence of Cameron. (Most likely the absence will mean he gets blanketed and will probably go off inured, but thats the game we play!)

Ruck: O'Brien (Crow)
Mid: Miller (Suns)
Mid: Gaff (Budgie)
Mid: Lyons (Bear)
Back: Haynes (GWS)
Back: Membrey (Saints)
Fwd: Larkey (Roo)
Fwd: Rohan (Cat)

Int: Frampton, Cripps, King, Danger

Good luck all!
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Mercury, pollyanna said You Beaut

391 2021: Round 19 - Team Selections 1 month 4 weeks ago #17

So let me get this straight to miss the eight in the last round in back to back years I need:

• Moppie to beat Block AND score 9 more points than me this round
• Biz to beat Alvin P
• Cookie to beat me
• PK to beat Oos OR lose to Oos but outscore me this round by 36.5

Probs an even money bet.

Good luck everyone.

Ruck – Tim English (WB)

Def - Seedsman (Adel) & Tabs (Us)

Mids - Lloyd (Swans), Hopper (GWS), Dunstan (St Kilda)

Fwds - Buddy (Swans) and Aaron Naughton (Dogs)

Bench – Tom Hickey, Bailey Fritsch, Stephen Coniglio and Dom Sheed.
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cookie 2021: Round 19 - Team Selections 1 month 4 weeks ago #18

ok, well I reckon I'm pretty unlucky to lose both Mills & Green to Covid, but anyway, where there's life, there's hope and, top 8, I'm coming for ya ! (having never made it before)

Backs: Phillips (Haw), Davies-Uniacke (NM)
Mids: Oliver (Melb), Parish (Ess), Taranto (GWS)
Fwds: Marshall (Pt A), Hoker (Ess)
Ruck: Graham (GC)
Int: Smith (Ess), Reid (Syd)

I assume Merc approves my trade for Graham
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pollyanna 2021: Round 19 - Team Selections 1 month 4 weeks ago #19

Mercury + Straddo,

I just saw that Tarrant is out for North this weekend - please substitute with Rampe the Poleclimber in the backs.

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Straddo said You Beaut

Mercury 2021: Round 19 - Team Selections 1 month 4 weeks ago #20


Team for Thundering Chooks
  • Ruck: Oscar McInerney
  • Back: Jack Billings, Brayden Maynard
  • Mid: Brandon Ellis, Cameron Guthrie, Jack Ziebell
  • Fwd: Charlie Dixon, Taylor Walker
  • Int: Noah Anderson, Eddie Betts, Jack Bowes, Nick Coffield
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purple kit 2021: Round 19 - Team Selections 1 month 4 weeks ago #21

purple kit
I No hope against the night of Oos! But aggregate score is important so here’s my best team.

Merc was very close.
B: CERRA, Adam (Fremantle)
B: HOGAN, Jesse (Greater Western Sydney)
M: CROUCH, Brad (St Kilda)
M: PETRACCA, Christian (Melbourne)
M: KELLY, Josh (Greater Western Sydney)
F: CAMERON, Darcy (Collingwood)
F: CAMERON, Charlie (Brisbane)
R: GRUNDY, Brodie (Collingwood)

SEXTON, Alex (Gold Coast)
HIGGINS, Jack (St Kilda)
MUNDY, David (Fremantle)

Not selected:
CLARK, Zac (Gold Coast) injured
PRESTIA, Dion (Richmond) injured
DOCHERTY, Sam (Carlton) injured
VLASTUIN, Nick (Richmond) injured
ACRES, Blake (Fremantle) Spud who was dropped by a team that lost by 90 points
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TheColonel 2021: Round 19 - Team Selections 1 month 4 weeks ago #22

Capt'n. I have lost all my high scoring mids (Used to av about 30 ea) and ended up with a couple of broken down hacks.
I think you are odds on to break your duck this round.
Will just go with the lot Hg has put up.

Team for Commandos
  • Ruck: Rhys Stanley
  • Back: Oscar Allen, Daniel McStay
  • Mid: Hugh McCluggage, Trent McKenzie, Scott Pendlebury
  • Fwd: Tom McDonald, Tom Papley
  • Int: Jake Aarts, Griffin Logue, Shane Mumford, Kysaiah Pickett
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captdazza said You Beaut
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