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TOPIC: v Sydney

Montrachet v Sydney 1 month 1 week ago #71

Drop Jye? madness.

Simpson was quieter last week switta was this week.

No one will get dropped on form from that match anyway, they will all get a pass.

I think they should keep persisting with Voss even if Darcy returns. Jackson can rotate through, support ruck or rove.
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Noddy, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Noddy v Sydney 1 month 1 week ago #72

Marshall was assessed by the radio commentators as best on ground. He won 12 clearances by himself and had 28 disposals.
Our ruck will be busy.
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docbert, Bizkit said You Beaut

Mushroom v Sydney 1 month 1 week ago #73

Marshall plays a game similar to English but hits the scoreboard less. You don’t need to concentrate on ruck stopping him.

And, sorry, how does 5 hitouts for peel suggest you should get an afl game if Darcy doesn’t play?
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Purple Shades Re:v Sydney 1 month 1 week ago #74

Purple Shades
That would be a typo Mushroom, he had 51 hit outs.
From the games I’ve seen Reidy play this season, he wins the ruck contest but has very little impact on the game after the ball up, yesterday he only had 7 disposals.
I think at AFL level, you need your ruckman needs to have an influence around the ground as well.
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Bizkit, shirtfront, Burton said You Beaut

Morgan Re:v Sydney 1 month 1 week ago #75

I wish people would assess my performance as generously as they do Lloyd Meek’s. The bloke has never won a one-on-one matchup in his career and yet somehow people still think he can play.
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Bizkit, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn Re:v Sydney 1 month 1 week ago #76

Corporal Agarn
51 hit outs in WAFL isn't that hard against some of the second rate ruck men. Scott Jones dominates the hit outs and gets about the same disposals but I don't see anyone say we shouldn't have let him go.
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Gumnut v Sydney 1 month 1 week ago #77

Sorry about the typo guys, it was 51 hitouts and when he played against Scott Jones he dominated him around the ground, Reidy does need to improve his input from disposals but that will come in time. It just is disheartening when you see Jackson getting bashed around by these opposition monsters when he's rucking alone without Darcy's company and I think he sometimes could benefit from a chop out from someone bigger than him other than Treacy whose presence is desperately needed closer to goals. And if we're not going to play these guys then what's the point having them on the list
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Corporal Agarn v Sydney 1 month 1 week ago #78

Corporal Agarn
When Peel played EP this year Reidy didn't play. Knobel rucked and had more hit outs but less disposals than Jones. I guess you're right though, it would be good to see him get a run, but you're getting very top heavy if you're going to play him and Voss, plus Treacy, Amiss and Jackson. And Darcy?
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shirtfront said You Beaut

Gumnut v Sydney 1 month 1 week ago #79

You're right Corp, I did mix my rucks there but it does show that we've got back ups. Knobel is still a long way off, maybe he's going to be better than Reidy but do we really need both of them on the list. And I would only bring one in to provide bulk if Darcy is not playing and Reidy does seem to like throwing his weight around so could help clear space for Jackson and our smaller on ballers.
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Gumnut v Sydney 1 month 1 week ago #80

We seem to be talking endlessly about our inability to kick goals but one moment that stood out for me on Friday was the goal from Brandon Walker, just outside 50 and he knocked it in easily. Why can't we bring Walker up to a wing where can still provide a link from defence but get him closer to goals where he can possibly use his kicking to give us some goalkicking supply. His spot in defence can easily be filled by Corey Wagner or Karl Worner who both play a similar attacking defensive role to that played by Walker.
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Purple Shades said You Beaut

moptop v Sydney 1 month 1 week ago #81

I'd much rather Walker got caught holding the ball five times a game in the forward line than in defence.
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Gumnut, Purple Shades said You Beaut

rogerrocks v Sydney 1 month 1 week ago #82

And Walker's kicking in defence is a bit worrying. I think we should put his goal down to luck.

Back in the 2013 gf Fyfe had 2 shots on goal for two oobotf in the opening minutes. He's never been a great kick. But surely Brayshaw and Serong can still learn to kick goals.
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Gumnut v Sydney 1 month 1 week ago #83

Off topic but thinking about getting goalkickers from outside club, how about Matt Guelfi from Essendon, ex Claremont boy, very adaptable and can kick goals as seen on weekend.
And Monty, not necessarily thinking of dropping Amiss but he does seem to have lost a bit of confidence with his goalkicking, no longer Nev Amiss but lately 50/50 Miss
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rogerrocks v Sydney 1 month 1 week ago #84

Back to the game - how was Blakey allowed to stay out there after his head knock? He was wandering around in a daze, with his teammates having to point to where he should be standing.

I'm getting a bit suspicious that clubs don't want to take players off straight away when they cop a head knock, as they'd pretty well have to do the concussion protocols then. So they leave it for a few minutes, and its just a normal rotation - "nothing to see here".
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