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TOPIC: Freo v West Coast

cletus Freo v West Coast 2 months 4 days ago #43

Why hasnt Longmuir not brought Jackson into the game... ? Swapped him & Hodor around...

I mean why not a change Justin.? What ever you planned, hasn't worked. It is clearly, and substantially, evident.

What are you clinging on to ??...
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shirtfront, Burton said You Beaut

Hamihill Freo v West Coast 2 months 4 days ago #44

We’re like a team who spent 3 weeks in
Adelaide and come home to an Eagles home game
  • [/ol]
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    heycharger, Morgan, teasea said You Beaut

    Noddy Freo v West Coast 2 months 4 days ago #45

    Longmuir is possibly the worst coach we’ve had, and that’s saying something. Our use of the ball is appalling,

    Listen to Pav, he’s basically saying our system is hopeless.
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    gidgegary, cletus, shirtfront said You Beaut

    steverod Freo v West Coast 2 months 4 days ago #46

    Is this our cunning plan to deprive them of a priority pick?
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    shane, teasea said You Beaut

    Dropkick Freo v West Coast 2 months 4 days ago #47

    Thank the heavens its an away game, the long train ride back to Rocko would have done my mind in.
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    shirtfront said You Beaut

    Mouthguard Freo v West Coast 2 months 4 days ago #48

    Freo fall after Barossa Hangover. Kick start the Egurls season. Adelaide takes 12 points from the Dockers. The Worst’s copywriters must be salivating….
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    Noddy Freo v West Coast 2 months 4 days ago #49

    One metric we’ve met is under 10 goals.
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    cletus, Mouthguard said You Beaut

    Purple Shades Re:Freo v West Coast 2 months 4 days ago #50

    Purple Shades
    If we need to completely bottom out to then work our way back, then this could be the bottom.
    Even if the umpires paid or not paid kicks in our favour, we’d still get done by 5 goals.
    This is bad.
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    Helenv said You Beaut

    shane Freo v West Coast 2 months 4 days ago #51

    This result will taint our premiership
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    blockerhall, Dropkick said You Beaut

    freomitch Freo v West Coast 2 months 4 days ago #52

    H Reid will be easy to hate!

    I forgot how easy it is to hate the whole lot of them
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    shirtfront, passiongirl, R.Lyon said You Beaut

    Tricolour Freo v West Coast 2 months 4 days ago #53

    I had the misfortune to have a ticket for the game, and for the first time in my life I’ve left a game early.
    Absolutely demoralising experience. We made WC look like a team of superstars, a flag-winning side. Because passion and effort goes such a long way in a game of football. Turns out that what WC were missing wasn’t more talent but just belief.
    Turns out what we’re missing is the passion and effort. Our belief was that it would be an easy win. We just weren’t up for the challenge. We were beaten in so many one-on-ones because the WC player just wanted it more.
    The most painful part - apart from having to go into a WC-infected office on Monday and seeing The Worst call Reid the best player to ever play the game in a 16-page wrap - is that I don’t think we can bring what WC can to a game. Who do we dominate in games? When do we get run-ons of goals to put teams to the sword?
    I felt envious of WC fans tonight being treated to that kind of energy and excitement. And that’s a bottom-8 side.
    Gosh, we were terrible tonight. Embarrassing.
    How the playing and coaching groups respond to this next week will define our season, if we haven’t already had our answer.
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    cletus, Freosiren, shirtfront, Dropkick, Noddy, passiongirl, freo00, Helenv, Raybeez, Burton said You Beaut and this user have 1 others thankyou

    Dropkick Freo v West Coast 2 months 4 days ago #54

    Our midfield supposedly trifected the disposal highs, but disposing to what I don't know (but anyway, well done Nat).
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    moptop Freo v West Coast 2 months 4 days ago #55

    That might be the most wretched, soul-destroying thing I've ever seen and I watched Powder at the cinema.
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    cletus Freo v West Coast 2 months 4 days ago #56

    David Mundy is a great man....
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    purple_tez, docbert, FreoTiger said You Beaut