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TOPIC: the solution is obvious

jezzaargh the solution is obvious 2 months 4 weeks ago #1

if you kick more goals, you can get bigger leads and avoid narrow losses at the death
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Gumnut the solution is obvious 2 months 4 weeks ago #2

We had numerous chances within range of goals to score but were caught holding the ball, Switta, Banfield, O'Meara to name a few but the attempt from 20 metres out by Johnson that only just hit the point post was laughable. I think Johnno is going to be a long term prospect but today and also in the Carlton game he was ineffective and his disposal not up to AFL standard. Will Brodie or Heath Chapman should come in for him and even Ethan Stanley should be considered for a callup after a 20 disposal effort for Peel today. Corey Wagner should probably also be available next week.
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Davo the solution is obvious 2 months 4 weeks ago #3

Too many left sided forwards with no right foot. Banfield, Walters, Amiss, Taberner.

Banfield chief offender tonight.

Darcy will come in for Taberner but same problem.
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Gumnut the solution is obvious 2 months 4 weeks ago #4

Simple actually, if Darcy was fit and played tonight, we win. Jackson would play forward, no Tabs who was useless and Port's defenders would have had to man up on Jackson, Amiss and Treacy. Banfield and Emmett were serviceable but Sonny was useless, not sure what to suggest there as he has been very good at times this season. Maybe he needs to be managed, maybe used as sub at times
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jezzaargh, Purple Shades said You Beaut

FD1016 the solution is obvious 2 months 4 weeks ago #5

Hughes and Tabs continue to frustrate the carp out of me.
Bring in Darcy and Chappie ASAP!
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dd, DS, Bizkit, shirtfront, Shane Parker stole my Hearta, Purple Shades said You Beaut

Eventually the solution is obvious 2 months 4 weeks ago #6

Unfortunately Tabs is past his use by date, too slow and no grunt. Freddie should be back this week and Worner also. Although our defence is sensational I do think Hughes makes too many clangers so swap for Chapman. Erasmus needs another year in the WAFL he was way out of his depth yesterday. I do agree that Johnston's efforts have been pretty underwhelming and it is time to spell him also.
I havent seen enough of Cooper Simpson to say that he is ready to step up but many are huge raves for him so maybe its time to find out.
Sonny is a puzzle to me , he was one of our best 2 weeks ago but his last 2 games have been woeful. He is part of the reason we cannot kick 15 goals a game. Our small forwards seem to be judged totally on their pressure acts but two goals from Switta, Banfield, Emmett and Walters is the problem they have to give us 5 goals between them. One goal from our midfield and wings is also a big problem.
Having said that we have done wonderfully in most aspects of the game and with Darcy, Chapman, Freddie, Worner, Simpson, Brodie, Sturt, Stanley, O'Driscoll and later in the year Cox to call upon finals are looking pretty damn good!
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SaltyDog the solution is obvious 2 months 4 weeks ago #7

Brodie needs to be in the team. I couldn’t give a rats if he’s not defensive enough. Defence isn’t our problem. He is far more effective at dishing the ball out than O’Meara, Erasmus Or Johnson. It’s a bloody travesty that he’s not getting a game ahead of those guys.
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Gumnut, shirtfront, Noddy, expat, stella, Corporal Agarn, Sunny, Shane Parker stole my Hearta said You Beaut

ghq the solution is obvious 2 months 4 weeks ago #8

I am reluctant to criticise players as they make an effort week in week out,but there are three in the side that aren't
up to top eight side standard and I don't think ever will be. Whether or not they can be covered from within current
resources I don't know. We aren't going anywhere with them in the side.
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Dockermus the solution is obvious 2 months 4 weeks ago #9

Score more goals (12 - 15 per game should be minimum expectation) from a greater spread of goal kickers. I don’t think our midfielders contribute enough goals, but neither does Taberner, who’s now well past his best, that was never more than just about good enough.
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Burton said You Beaut

Gumnut the solution is obvious 2 months 4 weeks ago #10

I think Tabs has possibly played his last game as Voss should probably be ahead of him for a spot when he regains fitness. Tabs also doesn't get a spot when Darcy comes back
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shirtfront, Noddy said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn the solution is obvious 2 months 4 weeks ago #11

Corporal Agarn
Agree with d/mus. We don't get nearly enough goals from our midfielders.
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kidmaple the solution is obvious 2 months 3 weeks ago #12

...or our small forwards. With the number of forward half turnovers in those two games, they should have been dining out.

Emmet the only one looking threatening - and he's probably not composed enough yet. Walters, I think, was playing very defensively which contributed to the number of turnovers, but none came to him. Switta struggling on his offence at the moment, but his defensive acts have been outstanding. Serong, when in forward line, just can never find the main sticks.

Missing Freddie. He's been good for 1-2 goals a game. Also, perhaps, Shultz? Maybe a Simpson or Delean to freshen things up?
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rogerrocks said You Beaut

Gumnut the solution is obvious 2 months 3 weeks ago #13

I'd like to see Delean actually. He's an excitement machine with pace and a great leap. Defenders wouldn't know if he was going shoulder to shoulder or standing on their head in marking contest and he loves a goal.
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teasea the solution is obvious 2 months 3 weeks ago #14

Bloody Schultz
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