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shane WAFL GF 4 months 4 weeks ago #29

Your veiled insults can't hurt us, we're wrapped in 30 massive flags.
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Dropkick WAFL GF 4 months 4 weeks ago #30

Yeah, the 24 in 74 mob were a much more cohesive unit than our Peel boys today. Switched off before the end. Hopefully Toddy finally smiled when presenting his trophy.
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fourthump WAFL GF 4 months 4 weeks ago #31

Our Mum, Doreen, had a fabulous day! We cheered for all. She loved the thermos of tea, scones and had some hot chips for our long departed Dad. It was a good day.
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Mission Man WAFL GF 4 months 4 weeks ago #32

Mission Man
God bless you, Doreen. You’ve lived long enough to see the planet right itself. All is good now. Things are where they should be.
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Davo WAFL GF 4 months 4 weeks ago #33

We enjoyed ourselves at the game. That's about the lowest crowd I've ever been in at Optus Stadium, no queuing for anything and straight home on the train.

Oh, the game. We saw a team that really wanted to win versus a team with a bunch of ex-AFL hasbeens including a few AFL list fillers and genuine WAFL guys who appeared to have more interest in the 7th at Sha Tin.

So congrats to EF. A champion team beat a team of, well, nothing special.
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shane WAFL GF 4 months 4 weeks ago #34

That "nothing special" consisted of every other team who participated in the league.
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Freosiren said You Beaut

hypen WAFL GF 4 months 4 weeks ago #35

Shane, no-one is questioning the integrity of your teams win and believe me, we don't in anyway want to sully your celebrations.

It's just that your opponent wasn't trying very hard.
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shane WAFL GF 4 months 4 weeks ago #36

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fradonjan WAFL GF 4 months 4 weeks ago #37

Loved the game EF produced right from the start of the game,A mate i was with who is a staunch Freo/subi supporter, we both said EF are really switched on this could be a bolilover.
The players seemed to know exactly where each other were ,so many handballs out of congestion to a running player,it looked like a game plan that worked right from the first bounce.
Peel looked slow and had nowhere to go,i also was not impressed with the players on our list.
One thing that was really really annoying was how many people right from the first bounce kept getting up out of their seats to go either to get a drink or whatever,the first half was really bad,i could not believe that, and they were the same people all the time,as soon as the game started decided to move.
One girl even called security on three blokes who obviously were not in their allocated seats they kept moving back and forth going from row to row,,and they were moved on.
I was lucky enough too get my seats in the same block as for Freo games,and in any normal Freo game hardly anyone moves right from the first bounce,or at least waits till a break.
The elderly couple next to me did not come back after half time,and a group in my row were the worst at least three times a qtr up and out they would go mostly for booze,,at least they apologized for the inconvenience.
Apart from that a really enjoyable game and a win after so long , at one stage the laughing stock of the WAFL.
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fishnchips WAFL GF 4 months 4 weeks ago #38

Onya Doreen glad you had a great day out with your Sharks win. Keep up making those purple scones and get your vocal cords exercised for 2024 cause Freo are on their way to the summit and just watch the magic Belly weaves in the draft to complete the final piece to the puzzle.
Back to East Freo my grandad a Palmyra resident use to go to all the Ol Easts games in the 40s 50s and cried if they lost and he was a strong man but passionate. The Plympton hotel was his house of sobbing.
Also another bit of nostalgia I received Con Regans socks for best on ground for Pally back in the sixties. No doubt he Percy Johnson, Jack Clarke etc were their yesterday and where they reside now beer is free and you don't get a hangover !!!.
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Stacksonthemill said You Beaut

itscraptacular WAFL GF 4 months 3 weeks ago #39

Can Justin and Belly get that EF coach over?
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fradonjan WAFL GF 4 months 3 weeks ago #40

Fishnchips,your mention of past greats like Percy ,brought many memories flooding back.
As a young 5 year old (now 71 years ago )i was privileged too be around many of those great players at Old Easts.
Percy was a family friend and so were many i will mentioin as i go along.
My Father was President of the East Fremantle Junior football club for many many years,and he was still involved with the senior club up to the last five years of his life.
Anyway to go way back ,my parenst were lucky enough as my father was a WW2 vet , and there was land availiable in the lesser known out in the sticks at the time suburb of Attadale,the 'ol qtr acre block ,we lived there till i left after i got married.Mum and Dad stayed there for many years after that .
So my ol man and his neighbor decide to split their back yard ,pulling down the fence and turning it into a tennis court.
So that meant every Sunday nearly all of our street was over playing tennis and making short work on an 18 gal keg,this went on all summer for many years .
Anyway because of his association with EF ,he asked if any of the players wanted to as part of the pre season come along and play tennis.(there was not much of a preseason back then )
Well it was something i did not appreciate at the time but ,the Wilson Onions ,all the Regans ,the list goes on were playing tennis in my back yard ,i was to busy trying to sneak a beer at the tender age of 12,i succeeded a few times,to not go ga ga over the fact league players were having fun at our house.
Also during the season i was playing footy for Aquinas College ,i was more developed at my early age than most so i played ruck and CHF,but it was while playing one day i got kneed in the thigh,did not think of it much at the time and played on.
But by Saturday it was as black and blue and it was hurting real bad.
By sunday the ol man said lets get you down to the club and one of the trainers will have a look.
So off we went .little did i know the pain that was to come.
I get there to the changerooms , and the eyes nearly fell out of my head , I was few years older than the tennis days and well aware of all the players playing league footy.
They were mainly there to have a light rubdown after Saturdays game ,so funnily enough ,they were sitting around telling jokes ,smoking , and bottles of beer were everywhere.A real country atmosphere .
Ray Sorrel was just sitting there chatting not drinking ,boy i remember the way he would swing out of the centre either left or right foot kick a goal as if he was having a sunday stroll.that's during a game of course.Champion.
Anyway you name a player from EF in that era they were in that room ,so friendly and polite to me and my ol man.
Anyway came the time to speak to the trainer who had finished with a couple of players,luckily none had gone through what i was aboout to.
Up on the table son lets have a look,by now i was only just able to walk,he said no worries i'll fix that you'll be right by about Tuesday.
So out comes the liniment oil and he slowly rubs up and down my leg,a for a couple, of minutes to get it warm,then holy holy shit in goes the thumbs,i tried extremely hard not to yell out,gripping the side of the table as hard as i could .
Up and down up and down for about 10 mins the pain was unreal,never experienced anything like it .
Then he said up you get you'll be ok.
i stepped down and could not feel my thigh at all .said thank you and struggled to get to the car,but he was right by Tuesday i was good and played Friday at school.
Great memories,there are plenty more but i've banged on too much .
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fishnchips WAFL GF 4 months 3 weeks ago #41

Hey Frad so many great stories from that era especially Ol Easts and the surrounding suburbs I have many stories to tell also from my childhood just a few to add to your wonderful memories. My uncle a mad EF supporter said on away games the supporter bus would drop into the Plympton Hotel and pickup supporters and some players (names suppressed). I was brought up in Palmyra and went to Lady Fatima Church and of a Sunday it was like the East Fremantle Football Club Worship House with the Regans, Neeshams , Mcmanus's, Millers and good ol Percy Johnson. My stepdad was a wharfie and one of his mates was a South Freo supporter and lived near East Freo oval but would not go past on the way home he travelled via the golf links such was his distaste of the blue and white. Finally, my Stepdad courted my mum via pushbike as he lived in North Fremantle and one night he got pulled over by the Palmyra Sargeant of Police on his bike near Petra street for a faulty head light, incredible considering how we live now. Anyways been a Freo supporter from day one and believe Justin is the man to take us to a GF. Hope Belly pulls off some more magic in the draft. Reckon Liam Reidy should be given a crack he is a big unit and will allow Luke Jackson to play the ol ruck rover roll. Cheers
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fradonjan, rogerrocks, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

fradonjan WAFL GF 4 months 3 weeks ago #42

Ahhh mate the Plympton and the Leopold.
I can remember sitting in dads car after an away game ,with mum, and he would bring out a couple of beers and a lemonade for me,as i got a bit older it was a shandy.Mum was not the wiser , well I didn't think so i thought wow i'm having a beer,sort of.
At East Freo oval,back then the huge ol tin shed out the back near the tennis club and the bowls club.
Was a perfect hall for celebrations during and after the season.
Players from the opposite team would all be having a fag and drinking with all the players and wives and girlfriends .
there would be a couple of 40 gal drums cut in half out the back near the kitchen ,and it was chockers with snags and meat ,and onions.No oh how would you like your meat sir ,mostly black was the go.
What a way to end the day ,especially if we won,but it did not seem to worry most people who lost They were all great friends,as we say once you cross that white line all bets are off.
Funnily that huge shed was still around for many years ,when i was playing baseball for EF Baseball club ,EF oval was our home ground as baseball was a fledging sport ,and we had many functions in the same shed.My kids thought it was a fantastic shed full of character and atmosphere.
Geez what about the car rallies,probably unheard of these days ,they were great fun.
Always hapened to end up at EFreo oval in that same tin shed.Just another way back then they used to raise money.
Yep some fantastic memories, wow what would have happened back then if there were mobile phones ,all those champions just enjoying life .Thanks fishnchips for your memories too.
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