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TOPIC: Giants have

demo1 Giants have 10 months 6 days ago #1

done something tonight that we have never done..
They have finished - 5-8 and win 2 finals.
They have a manufactured team with no history - we are Freo proud - part of the oldest club roots in the land...
We have been around for 29 completed seasons.
1. We have never had a Toby Green - why?
2. Our local media have too much of a say in players mindset - why?
3. We are not accountable to anyone..

Things must change...
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Purple Shades GIants have 10 months 6 days ago #2

Purple Shades
Demo1, are you pinning Freo’s lack of success on the unaccountable WA media?

Cool if you are, just trying to understand your angle.
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hypen GIants have 10 months 6 days ago #3

Go the Glants!. Like it demo1, a great deal.
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jezzaargh said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn GIants have 10 months 6 days ago #4

Corporal Agarn
And to rub salt into the wound Jesse Hogan has been instrumental in them getting to where they are with his late season form.
Kicked 4.4 tonight and took nine marks, the most on the ground.
Pleased for him that GWS have managed to get him on track and realising his potential. I am disappointed that we didn't perservere with him as he and Amiss would have made a great key forward combination and I'm sure see us performing better than we have been.
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Eggy, Burton said You Beaut

freo00 GIants have 10 months 5 days ago #5

When Freo started we did not have a change room .
We trained on the edge of the Swan river then Fremantle oval .
We were not given first round picks for years ..
We were not given extra money for years like the expansion clubs ( millions )
It has been a fight our entire history .
No one gave us drugs !
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Blue1red1, FD1016, DocDocker, rogerrocks, Raglan Matt, Corporal Agarn, themagoos said You Beaut

Walter the baker GIants have 10 months 5 days ago #6

Walter the baker
“We have never had a Toby Green”????
I’d pick Pav ahead of Green every day of the week.
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Blue1red1, FD1016, Freosiren, Raglan Matt, freo00 said You Beaut

shane GIants have 10 months 5 days ago #7

What GWS are very good at that we don't even seem to think about is using space. They think in all directions whereas we are very linear. They will lead into a pocket, or from the wing to the centre, or just into a space that they have noticed, and their teammate will see that there is space and put the ball into it.

Fremantle players rarely think like that. They still try to control the conditions of the game too much and don't adjust to the flow. They don't see the space because they are not looking for the space.
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Blue1red1, hypen, pollyanna, Noddy, Sunny, themagoos said You Beaut

number 2 Giants have 10 months 5 days ago #8

number 2
Oh here we go - the old relationism vs absolutism arguments.
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shane said You Beaut

hypen Giants have 10 months 5 days ago #9

That is a good observation Shane. Many shots for goal taken from places defenders almost have conceded last night.

If you all persist in incisively pulling apart Longmuires coaching Morgan is going to start defending him soon!

Let's not forget that there is still some seriously top end talent in that GWS team: Jesse Hogan, Toby Greene, Sam Taylor, Coniglio, Ward, Kelly, Whitfield, Perryman, Himmelberg, Haynes.

They can win it this year. I hope they do.
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Mushroom Giants have 10 months 5 days ago #10

GWS hav a forward line that stays and plays ahead of the ball, not between centre and half back. They trust their mids to win it and move it forward where they can lead into that space. They also have kickers who put the ball into that space and force the lead in there.

It’s so NOT Roly ball, which we still have a modified version of.

And they handball fast. First option. Out quick and always to or in front of a team mate not behind them.

They’ve smashed it with the Bedford trade too!
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Corporal Agarn Giants have 10 months 5 days ago #11

Corporal Agarn
Plus Tom Green, Hypen.
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blockerhall said You Beaut

expat Giants have 10 months 5 days ago #12

I think we've had a Brown, Black & maybe White, but never a Green...
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Raglan Matt Giants have 10 months 5 days ago #13

Raglan Matt
We had a Purple Jesus.
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Blue1red1, Bizkit, pollyanna, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

FD1016 Giants have 10 months 5 days ago #14

Indeed Expat, Jeff White. Another Vic who wanted to return to his home state after a few seasons. Very athletic ruckman.
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