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TOPIC: Collingwood v Melbourne

hypen Collingwood v Melbourne 8 months 1 week ago #99

My God.
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Mushroom, Tricolour said You Beaut

Gumnut Collingwood v Melbourne 8 months 1 week ago #100

Well, according to the AFL's Jeff Gleeson it was all Angus Brayshaw's fault. "Brayshaw could've executed his kick in a different manner, landed in a different manner or in a slightly different location"in his findings. I cannot believe that I'm hearing this garbage. Obviously a lot of money invested on the Pies for the flag.
Excuse me, I have to go outside and be sick.
We've had 2 guys rubbed out during the season for alleged dangerous tackles where the tackled player was uninjured and played out the rest of the game and the following week's game and in the space of 2 weeks we've had one player smash a guy's face in so bad he needed surgery another who knocked someone out and potentially ended their career and both get off on appeal. The whole competition is a sham!!
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Bizkit, Dockermus, Raglan Matt, freo00, Tricolour, Sunny said You Beaut

rogerrocks Collingwood v Melbourne 8 months 1 week ago #101

The idea that Maynard could not foresee the consequences of his actions is problematic. As I've already said, players like Mundy, Pendlebury, Pav, McPharlin, etc, all somehow managed to play out their careers without doing things like that. So some players have the judgment to know what might be dangerous, but we somehow can't expect all players to exercise such judgment.

Don't get me wrong - I actually don't expect young players to have this judgment, but I do expect them to get suspended when they get it wrong. And if they do, the culture will change and the game will be safer.
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Tricolour said You Beaut

Dockermus Collingwood v Melbourne 8 months 1 week ago #102

Maynard obviously plays for one of the “right” afl clubs. If he was a Freo player, he’d now be banned for the whole of next season.
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hypen Collingwood v Melbourne 8 months 1 week ago #103

The Tribunal seem to have not considered whether the jump was reasonable and not careless. It's the jump. And then did I hear they said they acknowledged Maynard bumped Brayshaw?

Do they have any idea what they've created in terms of precedent?
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purple_tez, Bizkit, rogerrocks, freo00, Tricolour said You Beaut

Tricolour Collingwood v Melbourne 8 months 1 week ago #104

If you’re a player getting suspended next season for a high hit, you’d be using the Maynard judgement to get off. Apparently all you need to do is prove that at some point you made a vague but unsuccessful attempt to get the ball. That’s it. Launching into the air at a player - fine. Turning to hit them with the point of your shoulder - fine. All just part of the ‘footy act’ of trying to get the ball.
I think soccer players should try it too.
“But ref, I was going for the ball. My opponent wouldn’t have broken his leg if he hadn’t carelessly put his body right in front of my foot.”
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freo00 said You Beaut

zorro Collingwood v Melbourne 8 months 1 week ago #105

Those Brayshaw boys. They really should go look for another game to play.
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CaptSnooze, pollyanna said You Beaut

jas Collingwood v Melbourne 8 months 1 week ago #106

RM, you might be right, but I suspect it is vague enough for the AFL/MRO./Tribunal to interpret it all sorts of ways. I'm still thinking the AFL won't appeal, but will tighten it up to avoid a repetition. And in Fyfe's case, it was 9 years ago, but I seem to recall that the interpretation changed during the year such that had he done it in round 20 he wouldn't have been suspended - the old go hard at things early in the season, and then the strictness goes out the window as the season unfolds - take dissent as an example of that this year.
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hypen said You Beaut

hypen Collingwood v Melbourne 8 months 1 week ago #107

Zorro, don't let Hamish drive in Chappaquiddick these boys have the luck of a Kennedy.

Yes Polly I would have spelt it correctly, laugh!
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pollyanna said You Beaut

pollyanna Collingwood v Melbourne 8 months 1 week ago #108

Put it this way mate - you've already mystified the millennials and the spelling has little to do with it.
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hypen, DS, themagoos said You Beaut

Mushroom Collingwood v Melbourne 8 months 1 week ago #109


You get a week for tackling someone well and their head not making contact with the ground nor them being concussed in any way. And then there's Maynard.

So contradictory in the process, in the application, in the intent, in the explanation, in the vibe.

But don't worry about precedent, because precedent is not a requisite for tribunal evidence or consideration. They have stated so repeatedly.

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Nodgey said You Beaut

jezzaargh Collingwood v Melbourne 8 months 1 week ago #110

I'd just like to thank the AFL for concocting something that is, amazingly, more hotly debated than the upcoming referendum campaign.
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Blue1red1, rogerrocks, CaptSnooze said You Beaut

mac Collingwood v Melbourne 8 months 1 week ago #111

The AFL can appeal the tribunals decision.
If they do it's the AFL saying Maynard is guilty,
He gets one week and can play in the GF,
I will show that AFL are serious about head knocks and concussion.
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Raglan Matt Collingwood v Melbourne 8 months 1 week ago #112

Raglan Matt
Jas, can you find me a bookie who will offer better than even money on a Freo player being the first player given 6 weeks under the "new" interpretation the MRP brings in next season.
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Gumnut said You Beaut