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TOPIC: Collingwood v Melbourne

CaptSnooze Collingwood v Melbourne 9 months 2 days ago #127

Only when a top compensation lawyer brings an action against the AFL, quoting these let offs as insufficent duty of care, will the tribunal system be seriously challenged.
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Blue1red1, pollyanna, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Tragic Collingwood v Melbourne 9 months 8 hours ago #128

DS - your comment about UFC is noted "And yet UFC seems to continue to grow."
There are significant moves around the world to stop it. Just like boxing, it appears the medical opinions are being "worked around" rather than addressed.
The point you make however misses the crux of the argument about CTE and its prevention. It is the repeated "minor trauma" not the single incident that is causative.
There is a easily readable explanation here.
It is based on the Boston Study here.
Whether it is lawyers who will bring change or politicians (Senate enquiry here.) remains to be seen.
There is also the counter argument or trying to maintain physical fitness in young people. I do not know how this will play out but I do understand there are many conflicting motives at play.
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Noddy said You Beaut

Mushroom Collingwood v Melbourne 9 months 5 hours ago #129

"UFC continues to grow"

Does it really?

UFC, boxing, horse racing, greyhounds...etc. They're all just fronts for underworld money laundering. When the hype-machine for the front end is really just rednecks, the diversion takes care of itself and the product doesn't matter too much as the controllers can always jiggy over to the next one or something new. Hello crypto!

As a "sport", UFC (and all combat "sports") have an explicit aim to be won by causing an injury. By preference a brain injury, a concussion called a knock-out, is what you are trying to do to the other lump of human material. This really won't cut it, long term, as a sport. It's only where the money is because of from whence the money comes. Even rednecks will twig at some stage.

The AFL is a tiny bit different here and have to be more mindful of their product and the future of the game and participants.
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Noddy said You Beaut

hypen Collingwood v Melbourne 8 months 4 weeks ago #130

I just think in terms of new rules to protect the game, start at the end. Worst case CTE is what we assuming. From there you can easily prosecute in terms scope of any act, football or not. Careless needs to be applied in the context of severity.

Like if two mates are down the park and one jokingly bumps a mate hard and he stumbles and falls down. He hits the grass gets up annoyed. What if they are on street and he does it and the mate gets hit by a car. Same act but severity deems one careless. He should have known this could have happened.

This is why I was so angry about the whole Brayshaw thing. Cause there was enough to recognise carelessness in existing laws. But what they said instead was there are certain instances where horrific head injuries are ok. And they are not acceptable unless there was no reasonable choice involved.
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