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TOPIC: Trade Talk

freo00 Trade Talk 1 month 2 days ago #43

Keep Kuek .
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R34, Shane Parker stole my Hearta said You Beaut

expat Trade Talk 1 month 1 day ago #44

Kuek can be our new wingman...
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Shane Parker stole my Hearta Trade Talk 1 month 1 day ago #45

Shane Parker stole my Hearta
Jackson is a natural midfielder.

A ginormous natural midfielder.
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Bizkit, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Walter the baker Trade Talk 1 month 1 day ago #46

Walter the baker
A straight swap Brockman for Henry??

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Purple Shades Re:Trade Talk 1 month 21 hours ago #47

Purple Shades
I don’t know much about him WTB, but he is a small forward and we already have plenty.
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purple kit Re:Trade Talk 4 weeks 2 days ago #48

purple kit
Brockman is a younger version of Switta who actually kicks goals, would be an ideal replacement for Walters and could allow Frederick to move to a wing to replace Henry.
We actually don’t have too many smalls, we now have too many mediums if you include Frederick, Sturt, Emmett, Banfield and Corbett.
Smalls are Walters (2 years left) Schultz, Switta (better as a mid)
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FD1016, pollyanna, Purple Shades said You Beaut

Morgan Re:Trade Talk 1 month 21 hours ago #49

Does anyone know why we don’t play Freddie on the wing? He seems like such an obvious candidate that the fact JLo didn’t try it seems to indicate there must be a reason. Is his tank not big enough? Does he run himself out of position?

It just just seems strange we never see him there.
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footloose, Corporal Agarn, Helenv said You Beaut

purple kit Re:Trade Talk 1 month 8 hours ago #50

purple kit
He played on the wing against the Hawks, probably as a trial because we knew Henry was leaving, did alright, had a couple of fumbles but got 19 touches which is well above his average this year is 12.
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

hypen Trade Talk 4 weeks 13 hours ago #51

So reading three players very much worth our trouble who are gettable:

Mabior Chol - GC, on the outer. Just think we could really get good service out of him at Optus.

Elliott Yeo - yes. Cause he's a good player and they will trade for him. Fyfe, Yeo, Brayshaw. Go ok. And he is a utility.

Tarryn Thomas - Done crap stuff outside of football. But geez he can really play and he's a good team mate apparently.

These three players can seriously help us.
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Corporal Agarn Trade Talk 4 weeks 11 hours ago #52

Corporal Agarn
We’ve already got Fyfe who breaks down regularly. We don’t need another in Yeo.
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DS, slammen, Raglan Matt, Burton said You Beaut

ICONDOCKER Trade Talk 4 weeks 8 hours ago #53

Why is Chol on the outer, What’s the knock on him?
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purple kit Trade Talk 4 weeks 15 minutes ago #54

purple kit
Chol was pushed out of the starting 22 by the return of King from injury, with Walter coming in the draft and the fact Dimma encouraged Chol to “explore his options” when at Richmond, everyone expects Chol to look elsewhere despite 2 years on his contract.
Also, his defensive work is somewhat lacking, which doesn’t bode very well with him getting a game at Freo
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ICONDOCKER said You Beaut

FD1016 Trade Talk 3 weeks 6 days ago #55

NO to YEO!!

If I could make the font larger, I would because I’m shouting it really loudly!!
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DS, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn Trade Talk 3 weeks 6 days ago #56

Corporal Agarn
Thomas is easily the pick of that lot but considering the club weren't willing to persevere with Hogan and his issues, I can't see them taking Thomas on.
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