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TOPIC: Sponsorship

Morgan Sponsorship 8 months 2 weeks ago #57

Regardless of whether you personally have an issue taking money from Woodside, you have to admit that for a significant section of society (and probably higher proportion of Freo people) Woodside are deeply unpopular which, at least for that section of society, reflects badly on Freo and complicates their relationship with the club. I don’t think that’s very good for the footy club.

Here’s an exercise, which club has the most problematic major sponsor? Here’s the other major sponsors in the AFL (some clubs have two, and in that case I’ve selected the sponsor on the patch on the front of the home jumper).

I reckon on a very unscientific and nebulous ESG score we are obviously bottom three, with Collingwood (Emirates) and West Coast (Hungry Jacks). I’m not saying we need to find a corporate partner with the best ESG record, but it is too much to ask that it’s not the worst?

Finance and Insurers
Brisbane - Youi
Gold Coast – Host Plus
Melbourne - Zyric
Richmond - NIB
St Kilda – CIIC Markets
Sydney - QBE

Adelaide - Toyota
Carlton - Hyundai
Geelong - Ford
GWS – Toro Tyres
North Melbourne - Mazda
Port Adelaide - MG

West Coast – Hungry Jacks
Western Bulldogs – Mission Foods

Collingwood - Emirates
Essendon - Amart
Fremantle - Woodside
Hawthorn – Tasmania
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Blue1red1 Sponsorship 8 months 2 weeks ago #58

I was trying to think of alternative sponsors that might be less divisive.

Not the easiest exercise. Most companies could be held over a barrel. It must be a challenge

I was thinking of phone companies Apple or Internet providers, Microsoft,Alphabet, Salesforce,Bitcoin traders, Google , Skynet, Johnson & Johnson, Only Fans.
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grandpa Sponsorship 8 months 2 weeks ago #59

Hypen, I've tried to explain that I accept all scientific advice about the climate change problem. Of course it exists, and I want zero emissions as fast as is possible. Like Walter, I abhor sensationalism and scaremongering in reporting too, such as 'existential crisis' et al, for to claim the planet is burning simply adds more fright to the mental health of the world's young. Were emissions to remain unchanged for the next millenium the world will not burn to a cinder.
But the hope is that CO2 emissions will be controlled in future, and I agree with those scientists who are proposing nuclear power as the best means of achieving zero emission total.
With regard to Woodside, I prefer realism to conjecture - currently China, the U.S. and India are responsible for over 50% of CO2 emissions, and Australia 1.16% (UN figures).
I'm fine with Woodside's sponsorship for the next few years.

as all scientists will agree, it's quite inaccurate attempting to compare recorded history with world history (100 years with 4 billion)
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Noddy said You Beaut

hypen Sponsorship 8 months 2 weeks ago #60

Here's an angle, are we all going to be ok with watching a throwback Derby in twenty five years time with our club having Woodside plastered all over it?

The Benson and Hedges of present and future day.
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blockerhall Sponsorship 8 months 2 weeks ago #61

"When these idiots say the planet's climate has been changing for millions of years.."

They are correct. And yeah, I guess I am a scientist. Not buying in further. I can talk to just about any timescale you like. I can point to periods when the Earth's oxygen fugacity was so high its lucky the atmosphere didn't immolate. I can talk to the period when Greenland was just that, verdant fields, during the Medieval Warm Period. I could cry a silent river for all the dead coral reefs throughout history. Or not.

I signed a petition to keep Woodside as a Fremantle sponsor. Good WA corporate entity and employer. Whom I have no affiliation with. Take their money. Better sponsor than most.
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PhilGilbert said You Beaut

hypen Sponsorship 8 months 2 weeks ago #62

My point was science tells us climate has changed and tells us why it changed. So don't use changing historical climates as the basis of your denial for where we sit today because the science community are giving us the why for our present day issues.
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themagoos said You Beaut

Redned Sponsorship 8 months 2 weeks ago #63

"you have to admit that for a significant section of society (and probably higher proportion of Freo people) Woodside are deeply unpopular".
Sweeping statements are a fallacies of argument. For the best part, I reckon people don't think very much about Woodside at all.
The comparison with tobacco is entirely specious. We don't need tobacco. We do need gas.
AEMO estimates that in WA up to 2026, potential gas supply will be insufficient to meet domestic demand. Between 2027 and 2029, supply is forecast to slightly exceed demand as Scarborough is expected to be brought onstream from mid-2027 (thanks Woodside). From 2030, the gas market is forecast to move into larger deficit driven by coal power station retirements increasing the need for gas generation and a decline in production from existing gas fields (paraphrased from AEMO).
The WA govt has also stopped gas from new on shore gas fields from being exported to quarantine it for domestic supply. We need gas.
I am comfortable with Woodside's sponsorship of Fremantle. It is an important WA company putting money into a quintessentially WA football club.
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Date said You Beaut

Morgan Sponsorship 8 months 2 weeks ago #64

I wasn't trying to make a sweeping statement Redned. I don't know which is the best poll for these sorts of things, but the ABC's Vote Compass at the last election had 'climate change' as the most important issue for around 29% of voters. That percentage is much higher for ALP and Greens voters, of which there are proportionally many in the Freo electorate.

So I think it's probably true that a significant proportion of Freo supporters would have some reservations about Woodside as a sponsor compared with, say, Mazda or QBE, or another of our sponsors like BankWest.

In your view, what percentage of fans would have to be put offside before it's a bad business decision to line up with a particular sponsor?
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