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TOPIC: Sponsorship

jcalb Sponsorship 9 months 1 week ago #43

Im fine with it.
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purple mao said You Beaut

teasea Sponsorship 9 months 1 week ago #44

I’m fine with it til we get that GF!!! Can’t afford a membership rise at present. Oh and I need gas when the power keeps going off up here in the hills. I do agree on climate change but we can’t just flick a switch and suddenly have wind turbines, affordable electric cars etc.etc.
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Mushroom Sponsorship 9 months 1 week ago #45

i. You do not have to care, but you should care.
ii. The big impact of climate change is not singular, extreme weather events.
iii. Nuclear, as it now exists, is neither emissions-free nor cost-effective
vi. Freo can do better than Woodside
These are facts.
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dd said You Beaut

themagoos Sponsorship 9 months 1 week ago #46

It's only political grandpa because it got tucked into the culture wars. Instead, you should perhaps listen to the climate scientists. I know quite a few scientists. They generally aren't 'hysterical' and their beliefs aren't a form of religion. Unlike religious beliefs, scientific thinking is generally informed by observation, and checking, and open debate. Climate only became a political matter because those on the right saw it as another wedge issue, cue Sky News and all the loonies for whom there exists such a thing as 'alternative facts'. Add to this politicians and parties captured by fossil fuel companies and lobbyists happy to make it a political issue a la Abbott, Trump etc. Which is why we are still using fossil fuels in our cars, homes, planes etc, because despite fossil fuel corporates knowing back in the seventies that their core business was warming the planet, instead of harming their profits and thinking of the wellbeing of future generations by transitioning toward renewables back then they did what big tobacco did before them - they lobbied, they misled, they delayed progress and ridiculed the science and scientists. They also paid and continue to pay for sponsorships to get their brands associated with the things we love.
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hypen, peaking1, pollyanna said You Beaut

jezzaargh Sponsorship 9 months 1 week ago #47

well, magoos, if that is the truth, it's a very inconvenient one.
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pollyanna said You Beaut

mackenzie Sponsorship 9 months 1 week ago #48

Frontier Economics have done several studies that shows that support from gas fired generation will lead to the highest percentage of renewable energy in the Australian energy network if you’re interested in peer reviewed articles on this topic.
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grandpa Sponsorship 9 months 1 week ago #49

Hi magoos, Wow! I certainly didn't accuse any scientists of being hysterical - I couldn't agree more that 'scientific thinking is generally informed by observation, checking and open debate'. I don't know any scientists, but I read a bit, comments in the Australian and Crikey being just two of my sources. I've never even seen Sky News...
Sadly, however, the rest of your post is seriously tinged with anything but objective and rational debate...
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themagoos Sponsorship 9 months 1 week ago #50

grandpa, sky news = the australian. same murdoch slant on things.
Here's some BBC news to add to your diet:
"One of the world's largest oil companies accurately forecast how climate change would cause global temperature to rise as long ago as the 1970s, researchers claim.

ExxonMobil's private research predicted how burning fossil fuels would warm the planet but the company publicly denied the link, they suggest.

The academics analysed data in the company's internal documents.

ExxonMobil denied the allegations.
"This issue has come up several times in recent years and, in each case, our answer is the same: those who talk about how "Exxon Knew" are wrong in their conclusions," the company told BBC News.

Corporations including ExxonMobil have made billions from selling fossil fuels that release emissions that scientists, governments and the UN say cause global warming.

The findings suggest that ExxonMobil's predictions were often more accurate than even world-leading Nasa scientists.

"It really underscores the stark hypocrisy of ExxonMobil leadership, who knew that their own scientists were doing this very high quality modelling work and had access to that privileged information while telling the rest of us that climate models were bunk," Naomi Oreskes, professor of the history of science at Harvard University, told BBC News.

The findings are a "smoking gun", suggests co-author Geoffrey Supran, associate professor of environmental science and policy at the University of Miami.

"Our analysis allows us for the first time to actually put a number on what Exxon knew, which is that the burning of their fossil fuel products was going to heat the planet by about 0.2C of warming every decade," he said.

Researchers have never before quantified the scientific evidence in ExxonMobil's documents, he says.

In response, ExxonMobil pointed to a 2019 US court ruling that concluded: "ExxonMobil executives and employees were uniformly committed to rigorously discharging their duties in the most comprehensive and meticulous manner possible."
"This issue has come up several times in recent years and, in each case, our answer is the same: those who talk about how "Exxon Knew" are wrong in their conclusions," the company told BBC News.

Prof Oreskes and Prof Supran carried out the research after journalists in 2015 uncovered evidence suggesting ExxonMobil's knew about climate change, but were accused by ExxonMobil of "cherry-picking" the truth.

They plotted scientific data in more than 100 publications from Exxon and Exxon Mobil between 1977 and 2014 to calculate their predictions of global temperature rise.

Prof Oreskes suggests that it showed the company was internally using climate science when publicly it called the models "speculative" or "bad science".

The findings add to ongoing pressure on the company over what it knew about climate change. Campaigners allege it spread misinformation in order to protect its business interests in fossil fuels and are suing the company in a number of US courts.

In May a court in Massachusetts, US ruled that ExxonMobil must face trial over accusations it lied about climate change.
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Raglan Matt Sponsorship 9 months 1 week ago #51

Raglan Matt
DDocker, renewable energy systems will rely on fossil fuels to manufacture them until we have enough renewable energy sources to power the country(region, world.). Denying the problem only pushes that date so far into the future that the world is doomed. What chance of a Freo flag then?
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themagoos said You Beaut

Walter the baker Sponsorship 9 months 1 week ago #52

Walter the baker
Teasea- I don’t think anyone is suggesting that they are promoting a “flick the switch” solution. We can’t go fossil fuel tomorrow. You won’t lose you gas next week if Freo don’t use Woodside as a sponsor. That’s just sensationalism and scaremongering. What we need to do is make step by step changes that result in a rapid but sustainable fashion. It can be done but not if we hold on to existing practices. Woodside won’t close down if we drop the sponsorship but it will be another significant signal to them and everyone else that we need to move away from fossil fuels asap.

Suggesting that we stop the sponsorship after we win a premiership is so morally bankrupt I can’t even begin to understand that mentality. If nothing else, if footy is more important to you than an existential crisi, there’s more chance of Freo winning multiple premierships for the next 200yrs if we have a viable planet to live on.
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hypen, Raglan Matt, themagoos said You Beaut

hypen Sponsorship 9 months 1 week ago #53

Grandpa, whilst the earth's climate has changed over its history it's never changed like this. This is happening at 50 times the speed of any previous climate event. Just like they said it would. Everything that has happened they said would happen. Bang on. What if they continue being right?

Scientists can tell us why every major climate event has occurred. There's no subjectivity here. There's just the science.

If there was political and social will this planet could move to 80% carbon free in five years. It's not acceptable that Fremantle who have this very powerful social licence to operate in the community stick these bustards on their chest.

Woodside out.
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themagoos said You Beaut

teasea Sponsorship 9 months 1 week ago #54

WTB I did put 3 !!! To show sarcasm.
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shane, Walter the baker said You Beaut

PhilGilbert Sponsorship 9 months 1 week ago #55

Magoos, you make reference to the “Murdoch slant on things”. There’s no denying the bias of the Murdoch media but sometimes it’s good to hear their differing opinion to balance out the bias contained in the ABC/BBC “slant on things”.
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hypen Sponsorship 9 months 1 week ago #56

When these idiots say the planet's climate has been changing for millions of years. They do realise they are getting this information from the same people and organisations that are warning us of climate change disaster now?

The worst kind of stupid is the one's who think they've done their research.
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