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TOPIC: MRP Jaeger is cited

Raglan Matt MRP Jaeger is cited 6 months 1 day ago #29

Raglan Matt
It still doesn't answer the question of who has to take responsibility for their actions on the field. The tackler is suspended (sometimes) if he gets the tackle wrong and the head is impacted, if a player chooses to bump and impacts the head (even accidently) he gets suspendede, but if a player lays a fist or elbow to the head he gets away with it, as long as the media vouch for him being a good bloke (and plays for a East Coast or West Coast eagles team)

AFL and MRP, protecting the head. Always. (When it suits their agenda) sometimes.
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Mushroom MRP Jaeger is cited 6 months 1 day ago #30

He held one of Spargo's arms and stopped so he couldn't run away, which Spargo still tried to do and, as a thing trying to move when anchored at another point will do, moved in a direction 90 degrees to the anchor.

The sooner we get rid of weird slipshod slang like sling, slinged, slung the better we can focus on what happens and what should not be done on the footy field so that people get fewer brain injuries.

If this has to be no more tackling, then so be it. But we can't have it both ways and say we're doing everything to protect the head only when there's a play that looks bad but still willingly go out and play the sport that has a hundred of these contests in two hours with potential to turn into something brain damaging yet >99% of do not.

Jus look at the commentary. Hudson asks whether that was a dangerous tackle. Johnson goes into oratory about slinging actions and pinning the arms. Healy says he doesn't know, it's on the margins. On the field O'Meara is going there's no way I tried to drill his head into the ground. Pearce is going that's holding the ball. Cox is behind the pack going man you are kidding if you reckon that's a dangerous tackle. Spargo is unperturbed and goes to get on with the game. The Melbourne dudes, led by Christian can't do much but eat Mamma's pasta and play football Petracca, just take an opportunity for some push and shove to try to turn the moment into momentary psychological dominance.

Everyone's confused. Spargo isn't injured. O'Meara is cited for rough conduct. It's just bizarre and doesn't help anyone.
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ghq, jusdoit, hypen, Nodgey, slammen said You Beaut

hypen MRP Jaeger is cited 6 months 1 day ago #31

It's ridiculous.
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itscraptacular MRP Jaeger is cited 6 months 1 day ago #32

It's the potential for harm that has to be drilled out of these professional player's actions. You simply can't pin the arm and then bring a player to ground.

I don't think it's difficult at all. It won't affect our enjoyment of the game, but it might be the difference as to whether the sport can survive by not creating a generation of vegetables in retirement.
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn MRP Jaeger is cited 6 months 1 day ago #33

Corporal Agarn
Same scenario, different game. That's four in this round alone. It's like any umpiring game rule, players just have to learn to change because the MRO certainly aren't going to.
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Mushroom MRP Jaeger is cited 6 months 1 day ago #34

You can't completely remove the potential for harm in tackling without removing tackling from the game, full stop. There's so much randomness involved in the lead up to and the actual contest of a tackle. But this is not the point.

Imagine if Brayshaw had slipped from Pickett's grasp and landed head-first in the centre circle and got concussed or a spine compression fracture. It didn't happen. It looked nice, as though Picket placed hime down softly (never mind the missed Holding the Man free kick). But the potential was there. Brayshaw was arm pinned. Off the ground. Horizontal.

Should O'Meara have let go of Spargo? Could he have?

I just don't know what is the right thing here, but it is not right as it is defined at the moment and it is far from not difficut.

On another note. WTF was Zorko thinking?
Eye gouging, seriously! And with a form sheet of it already. A deliberate act of a player trying to cause damage to another player. This is the sort of grub act not needed in our game that the book should be thrown at. Hard.
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Tjmckay MRP Jaeger is cited 6 months 1 day ago #35

On "On the couch" tonight, Nathan Buckley said that O'Meara's tackle shouldn't have been awarded a free kick against let alone a suspension.
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Bizkit, pollyanna, Tragic, Noddy, slammen said You Beaut

pollyanna MRP Jaeger is cited 6 months 1 day ago #36

148 tackles were awarded in that game, 1 was dodgey. There's no reason to ban the tackle - every reason to ban those that cause head trauma.
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themagoos said You Beaut

Tragic MRP Jaeger is cited 6 months 17 hours ago #37

Had another look at the video. Spargo could have let go of the ball and used his free arm to help reduce the risk of injury. I understand Spargo does not want to give away free kick but surely he has some responsibility to protect himself. That and the argument of low, not medium impact does, I think, justify the appeal.
Agreeing with Buckley does however make me concerned about my own cognitive function,
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moodindigo MRP Jaeger is cited 6 months 15 hours ago #38

It was a completely orthodox and reasonable tackle with no sling or even downward force applied. Spargo went over purely because he was in motion and then he was stopped low down, meaning his upper body rotated over and downwards. He could have put his arm out, but anyway landed softly, not on his head, and was completely uninjured.

When anyone tackles anyone, there is a risk someone overbalances or slips or just misses where they were aiming and someone gets injured.

I think any MRO charge has to be based on something the player actually demonstrably did wrong, not just on the principle that "something happened, someone could have been hurt". AFL is full of random, high-energy movement such that its usually just random application of physics that hurts people (or almost hurts people, as in this case).
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gidgegary MRP Jaeger is cited 6 months 12 hours ago #39

For the past twenty years or so, coaches have coached that players must be brought to the ground when tackled. If the player with the ball is standing in the tackle, chances are he will free his arms and get a handball away. It's now up to the coaches to train players to tackle while leaving the man standing in the tackle. With multiple transgressions of the sling tackle every round, it looks like the coaches are doing a very bad job of coaching the sling tackle out of the game.
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Morgan MRP Jaeger is cited 6 months 11 hours ago #40

Raglan Matt, this sounds like a facetious question, but I am actually very curious: have you ever agreed with a suspension of a Freo player?

I know your views are almost always based around perceived inconsistency with previous Non-Freo incidents and penalties, but in nearly three decades of supporting Freo have you seen the MRO/Tribunal hand down a verdict on a Freo player and thought 'yeah, seems fair enough'?
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Raglan Matt MRP Jaeger is cited 6 months 11 hours ago #41

Raglan Matt
Yes, Morgan, I have. My questions are around the inconsistency of the tribunal decisions, and the way Freo players too often seem to be used as the examples for the media to feed on.

Remember back to Johnno and Pav being suspende for hip bumps that hit players in the head? Johnno got 6 weeks, Pav 4 weeks, yet a week or 2 down the track it became a fine. Solomon hit Ling, (retaliation in a game where Geelong belted the crap out of a very young Freo side with no penalty or free kicks from umpires) and got 6 weeks on the basis that Geelong said Ling's Doctor had him down to miss 8 weeks, correct me if I am wrong, but Ling played the next week. (Solly got no 5 week remission on his suspension however.) Sandilands, broken jaw that was made out to be his fault, no penalty on the opponent. This in an era when the AFL was trying to push the "Protect the Head" mantra.

There are many more examples back through the years of hypocrisy and inconsistency from the tribunal, and Freo are not, and I have never claimed them to be, the only side to cop this treatment, but there have been some untouchable clubs and players going back to the turn of the century.

I use Freo as an example, mostly because I watch more Freo games than other teams.
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Gumnut said You Beaut

Morgan MRP Jaeger is cited 6 months 11 hours ago #42

You bring up the Johnno hit a lot, but he got 3 weeks, and it was for this. It seemed a lot at the time because the AFL was just starting to crack down in it, but as far as outrages to bring up 17 years later it seems a bit marginal. It's worth remembering that Hansen had a few issues with concussion over this time at North after this hit.

Looking at the Johnno hit again, what do you think it would get now? Four weeks for sure, right? Hansen in a vulnerable position, ran past the ball, elected to bump, dead square on the head and the bloke went off with a concussion. The Tribunal might have equivocated here and there in the years that followed but they weren't wrong to go hard, and he wasn't even the only guy to get the same ban that day. Matthew Stokes was also suspended for 3 weeks.
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