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TOPIC: Today's West

Tragic Today's West 2 weeks 21 hours ago #1

I know some people here like to read the the West. There is an article there today about Superstar Sam's brother.
If somebody could decipher the second sentence for me, I would be grateful
"Prosecutor Fiona Clare told the court Kerr’s actions on the day were “nonsensiscal and chaotic”, adding there was no motive.

And while the State accepted he was suffering from mental health issues at the time, Ms Clare said it was hard to determine if his mental health issues were caused by drug use or if his drug use caused his mental health issues."
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peaking1 said You Beaut

TheColonel Today's West 2 weeks 21 hours ago #2

Not unless your name is Gobble de-Gook
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shane Today's West 2 weeks 21 hours ago #3

Was he nuts because he was on drugs or was he on drugs because he was nuts.

I assume on version gets you more leeway than the other version when they come to the sentencing.
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FD1016 said You Beaut

cookie Today's West 2 weeks 21 hours ago #4

I assume the same ads pop up when others view this page ? Anyway, Dennis was spelt with three n’s
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Freo66 Today's West 2 weeks 21 hours ago #5

More fun.

There is a board split at the West Coast Eagles over whether coach Adam Simpson or chief executive Trevor Nisbett should depart the club as on-field issues reach crisis point.

Sources have told The West Australian one camp want Simpson out, while the other is advocating for a managed end to Nisbett’s long-term future.

It comes after shenanigans at the Eagles last night, with mixed messaging from the club over whether the coach needed a two-to-three month break at the end of the season.

It is believed Simpson does not want a break and is willing to plough ahead at the end of the season.

The club later put out a conflicting statement on their social media.

“Reports that senior coach Adam Simpson has been asked to take a three-month break at the end of the season are inaccurate. No such discussion has taken place,” the report said.

The contrasting statements from the club underline the division.

Sources say the information was leaked to the media in a strategic move to accelerate Simpson’s exit.

A club spokesman released a statement on Wednesday night after the Simpson story was leaked.
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hypen, Mercury said You Beaut

shane Today's West 2 weeks 20 hours ago #6

Look, I'm not generally sympathetic to anything the Eagles have to suffer through but for the love of God, imagine having to sit through that board meeting with Justin Langer.
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fourthump, cookie, demo1, hypen, Bizkit, Matebe, Noddy, purple mao, Raglan Matt, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

expat Today's West 2 weeks 19 hours ago #7

I think the Mental Drugs caused all the Health issues... definitely innocent...
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freo00 Today's West 2 weeks 19 hours ago #8

Nik-Not will save them all !
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fradonjan Today's West 2 weeks 18 hours ago #9

Shane that's the funniest thing i've seen you write here .
I'm really glad i'm not the only one who reads the worst,i was feeling really lonely .
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hypen Today's West 2 weeks 18 hours ago #10

The Eagles board are leaking to push their agenda. It's glorious. Man United, Essendon, Carlton, Rangers you don't stay powerful just cause you have money. Though it helps.

West Coast are like the Liberal Party, they are irrelevant and have no genuine commitment to change their ways.

Life is beautiful.
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number 2, peaking1, Bizkit, stella, Corporal Agarn, freo00, Helenv, themagoos said You Beaut

Mercury Today's West 2 weeks 18 hours ago #11

Hypen, I take offence at your expression of glee with the eGulls' current state. I see a simple solution that you don't. Change their state. Tasmania looks nice.

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Blue1red1, hypen said You Beaut

Noddy Today's West 2 weeks 17 hours ago #12

Your’re a bit harsh you lot, Nissie’s only been WC CEO for 25 years, that doesn’t qualify him for membership of the Weld Club, although he could probably afford to buy his own AFL team.
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Matebe Today's West 2 weeks 15 hours ago #13

I wouldn’t rule out the car wash being the cause of the problem. If you’ve ever got out of your car and been collected by one of those brushes then you know what I mean.
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Blue1red1, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

darthmarto Today's West 2 weeks 14 hours ago #14

Leaking agendas to media figures?

Probably a more subtle approach to pushing cameramen around public airport carparks.

At least their skulduggery has shown improvement over the last few years.
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