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TOPIC: Best ruckman in the AFL?

Sloby Best ruckman in the AFL? 3 weeks 18 hours ago #1

I was driving around today with the radio on, and my usual stations were not broadcasting much of interest, so I flicked over to SEN, to hear Dermott Brereton running through his list of the top 10 rucks in the comp. I don’t recall the full list, but he had Darcy at number one, Grundy at two, and English at six. Of course this isn’t news to most Freo fans, but it was gratifying to hear it on Victorian radio.

As usual the commentators were pretty annoying during the win against the Swans last weekend, but at one point one of them - it may have been Derm - asked who is Freo’s most important player? And I think he answered his own question: Sean Darcy.

If we are to confound the critics and make a come from behind run to make the finals, Darcy will be crucial.

There is no doubt that even with Jackson on the list as an excellent back up option in the ruck, that Darcy is our most important player. And I love him!

I’ll sleep more easily when we seal the deal on his next contract.

He’s still only 24!
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fradonjan, Bizkit, cletus said You Beaut

hypen Best ruckman in the AFL? 3 weeks 17 hours ago #2

He is very good. Do we get full benefit of his taps?
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peaking1, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Sloby Best ruckman in the AFL? 3 weeks 17 hours ago #3

Not so far this season, but the effort against the Swans was a big improvement in the clearance department. Helped that Sean got a few of his own as usual. Not looking for excuses but losing Mundy must have been a pretty big adjustment for everyone I guess.
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Morgan Best ruckman in the AFL? 3 weeks 17 hours ago #4

One of my concerns about recruiting Jackson was that there was too much duplication at one position and that moving Darcy out of the ruck for periods to accommodate Jackson would disadvantage the team. Based on what we’ve seen so far, Darcy’s role hasn’t changed at all. We’ve largely just replaced Lobb with Jackson in a very similar role.

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to see how the average output of the Darcy / Jackson pairing in 2023. compared with the Darcy / Lobb pairing in 2022.

In 2023 we are:

Hit outs +10.6
Disposals +3.8
Contested Marks +0.8
Goals -0.7
Clearances +1.7

It shakes out roughly as you’d expect. All the stats are up this year, but to date we’re getting slightly fewer goals out of the 2023 pair.

Given how early into the pairing we are, and the fact that Jackson is only 21, there’s heaps to be optimistic about.
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blockerhall, cletus, Montrachet, themagoos, Sloby said You Beaut

expat Best ruckman in the AFL? 3 weeks 16 hours ago #5

Phewww, for a moment there i thought it was going to be Nic Nat because someone saw him bouncing a football at training...
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Walter the baker Best ruckman in the AFL? 3 weeks 15 hours ago #6

Walter the baker
Dermott answers a lot of his own questions. I think his co-commentators have stopped listening to him. At least he got this one right, which is a rarity!
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number 2 Best ruckman in the AFL? 3 weeks 15 hours ago #7

number 2
Surprised he didn't say Meek
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expat Best ruckman in the AFL? 3 weeks 15 hours ago #8

I rather enjoy listening to Derm have a conversation with himself on the radio...
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Matebe Best ruckman in the AFL? 3 weeks 13 hours ago #9

I got some reliable mail from a carrot farmer that Darcy is out the door at the end of the season.
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Mercury Best ruckman in the AFL? 3 weeks 12 hours ago #10

Tim English will be the modern version of Brownlow Medalist Gary Dempsey.

He's not number one now, but he will be in a couple of years.
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hypen said You Beaut

Sloby Best ruckman in the AFL? 3 weeks 11 hours ago #11

I remember Dempsey from his days at North. He was good then but an out and out champion when he played for Footscray from what I’ve heard.

Merc, why do you draw the comparison between Dempsey and English?

For mine Darcy has a stronger desire to dominate; a greater will to win. Than English that is.
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themagoos Best ruckman in the AFL? 3 weeks 11 hours ago #12

Tim English has a touch of Tabs in him.
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

number 2 Best ruckman in the AFL? 3 weeks 10 hours ago #13

number 2
That's quite slanderous. Are there photos?

K. Hackdawn
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themagoos said You Beaut

hypen Best ruckman in the AFL? 3 weeks 9 hours ago #14

Tell you one thing if that Hayden Young plays any better he'll be on a plane out of here too.
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expat said You Beaut