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TOPIC: World Cup Football

hypen World Cup Football 1 week 6 hours ago #1

What I've found interesting here is David Beckham is an enabler and Morgan Freeman a sell out. Fans are out raged that the English team rolled over on their pride arm bands, many of those fans are in Qatar supporting the World Cup. I saw a journalist in Qatar out the front of a venue criticise David Beckham for promoting Qatar.

It's binary isn't it? We're either supporting this or we are not. And irrespective of role and remuneration, we are in or we are out. Including viewers.

It's funny how our judgement works. All these people who are involved in this thing criticising others for their involvement in this thing.

I'm not watching, Qatar is not worthy of this tournament given how they treat people. And my bloody TV has carked can't believe it. Hypens Law.
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jezzaargh said You Beaut

shane World Cup Football 1 week 6 hours ago #2

I was boycotting soccer before it was cool.
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Mushroom, number 2, guy smiley, hypen, R34, Down on down said You Beaut

Eggy World Cup Football 1 week 5 hours ago #3

Hypen, can you change the Subject to World Cup Soccer thank you.
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

hypen World Cup Football 1 week 5 hours ago #4

Imagine paying all that money and building all those standiums and roads......and when it's finally done you sit down and watch a game of soccer in it.
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guy smiley World Cup Football 1 week 5 hours ago #5

guy smiley
It's not my cup of tea... but I thought Marina Hyde had a decent take on it
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dd, cookie, rogerrocks, jezzaargh, Gumby said You Beaut

Freo66 World Cup Football 1 week 5 hours ago #6

What's Lucy Zelic's take on it.

Being late at night and all.
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Walter the baker World Cup Football 1 week 5 hours ago #7

Walter the baker
Has anyone here bought cheap cloths or electrical products made in a developing Asian country?
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guy smiley World Cup Football 1 week 4 hours ago #8

guy smiley
Not all cheap goods are a result of exploitation Walt... sure, it would be nice if everyone earned the same wage for the same work everywhere and the privilege of living in a wealthy country is a real thing, but that isn't quite the same issue as a regime which openly and ruthlessly practises brutal repression for the sheer pleasure of it.
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Quasimodo World Cup Football 1 week 3 hours ago #9

At first I was upset they banned beer sales. Then I realised it was Budweiser. They’ve done the fans a favour.

FIFA have about as much backbone as the AWFL.

Money talks stuff human rights, dead workers and abuse of LGBTQAI + persons. It’s pathetic.
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guy smiley, Raglan Matt, Down on down said You Beaut

Morgan World Cup Football 1 week 2 hours ago #10

Perhaps my response is predictable, but I don’t think it’s a binary choice.

The most interesting and balanced article I read about Qatar is this one. I think it’s worth the read if you have the time.

I think Aussie Rules footy brings joy and connection that is deeper than the manipulation of the game by the AFL, Governments and sponsors. Do I feel the same way about soccer, and FiFA and the autocrats who misuse it? No, but I don’t love soccer the way most in the world do.

If in all the circumstances a player decided to play, or fans decided to watch, but didn’t feel great about it, I understand. I can empathise with the view that there is something about soccer that transcends soccer’s misuses; especially in the case of someone who had dedicated their life to the sport.

Having made a difficult decision to play, I don’t consider a national association or player should then be precluded from expressing their concerns with the tournament or host country. To say otherwise seems like a bizarre absolutist position to me; akin to saying you can’t argue for measures on climate change until you’ve made a sufficient sacrifice of disconnecting your gas connection or you can’t advocate for animal welfare unless you’re vegan.

I have less empathy for David Beckham or Morgan Freeman.
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guy smiley said You Beaut

zorro World Cup Football 1 week 1 hour ago #11

I took a passing interest in soccer for a bit - sort of barracked for Norwich because Mrs Zorro came from there and it was the sort of team a Freo supporter would be drawn to, but then I watched a half-hour package of the highlights of the group stage, which is, what, about 780 games or something. I reckon there were as many real highlights in that half hour than in an average real time half of an AFL game.

Haven't bothered since.
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number 2 World Cup Football 1 week 58 minutes ago #12

number 2
I like to watch them rolling around on the ground going "Ouch my shin pad - you nearly touched me on the shin pad".
But I wouldn't stay up too late for it.
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slammen said You Beaut

hypen World Cup Football 1 week 53 minutes ago #13

When I post a topic that has nothing to do with intent of this website, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could stay on said topic.
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shane World Cup Football 6 days 23 hours ago #14

I'll tell you what is really interesting, hypen. The market for official World Cup NFTs.

When huge crypto empires can fall as easily as they have, you can't go wrong investing in something that is backed by respectable sporting organisations such as FIFA and the AFL. It's the new gold.
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blockerhall, hypen said You Beaut