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TOPIC: Logue to NM

Bizkit Logue to NM 1 year 2 months ago #29

I'm not one to rubbish players who are leaving the club and I'm not a fan of booing former players. Generally, I understand their reasons for leaving and accept it's a part of football. Logue however gets to me and I will boo him.

I'm still unsure of Griff's exact reasoning for leaving a club that took the gamble on him with an extremely early pick and continued to play and back him despite some pretty poor form. The club has invested so much into him and made a contract offer well over what he was worth, they even changed the side around to find a spot for him in the 22 despite him not being able to stamp his mark anywhere on the ground. Now he's starting to show signs of being an AFL footballer and he's taking off?

The club bent over backwards to look after him and he has no reason to leave, let alone to the worst team in the comp by a long way who need AFL assistance and are on the verge of a move to Tassie. That's as much a kick in the teeth to the club that has done so much for him as I've seen from any player to leave, let alone when we are on the cusp of something great.

If he wants to abandon the club for no meaningful reason, I'm not happy and I'll show that unhappiness every time he comes back to Perth.
Nathan: When did you get balls?
Simon: I've always had balls you've just never seen them.
Nathan: That's the gayest thing I've ever heard.
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number 2, hypen, DocDocker, rogerrocks, pollyanna, Matebe, purplepower, Corporal Agarn, Burton said You Beaut

Eggy Logue to NM 1 year 2 months ago #30

I am torn on this, Griff seems like a great "Club Man" but his playing stats don't look that flash
i) averages 12 games a year
ii) 2020 he played 20 games the most he has played for us in any year
iii) averages 10 disposals a game, though better this year 12 disposal a game
iv) Don't know if $4,100 a disposal is good value for the disposals he has.
v) love his support of his team mates,
Will miss him and wish him well except when he is playing against us.
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Docker by the Sea Logue to NM 1 year 2 months ago #31

Docker by the Sea
Perhaps if we hadn’t low balled him with the first offer things might be different.
The 900k reported is similar to McKay from Carlton. I know where I would spend this money.
I think the messaging is poor, as we try to get a team to accept under market value to be part of something special. Offering 900k to someone outside the club, with apparently huge potential, has the potential to upset the apple cart.
Why would Brayshaw, Serong, Darcy, Young, Cox, Amiss, Chapman, Logue etc resist overtures from others when we’ve paid overs to another.
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hypen, Eggy, Burton said You Beaut

Purple Shades Re:Logue to NM 1 year 2 months ago #32

Purple Shades
Biz, while I’m disappointed Griff is leaving, I can’t say I agree with your angle. Freo didn’t change their side around to suit Griff, we did it to suit Freo. I’m sure your not disappointed with Jackson for turning his back on Melbourne who invested a very early draft pick on him, the only real difference is one is coming home but they are both going for money and lots more of it.

Griff is a very good lock down defender (in my opinion) and he will be missed the minute Cox or Pearce go down, but player movements are part of the game/business. Fingers crossed we get value out of the trade, but I am nervous given NM have access to the pre season draft if they want to play hard ball.
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Raglan Matt, Down on down said You Beaut

Bizkit Logue to NM 1 year 2 months ago #33

I completely understand being homesick and not wanting to work away from friends and family. Money doesn't enter that equation so it's very different to Jackson.

Freo did everything to find spots for Griff in the starting 22, he played everywhere trying to get him in the side. He needed to step up and cement his spot in it, earn his way.

We offered him well above what he was worth, $500K is massive for a key position defender let alone one who hadn't established himself as a really good player and was behind a couple of others. He'd had a couple of decent games but the contract we offered is based on potential and our investmnet/commitment to him rather than his output. How much more the Roos have offered doesn't really mean much to me (and I seriously doubt the $700K bandied about) as there's so many other factors outside of a pay cheque, let alone when the one you're turning down is still massive and life changing.

I have no respect for his reasoning for leaving which seems to boil down to a few extra dollars. A lot of money at freo or a little more at North is still a lot of money and his integrity and 'love' for the people/club should mean more for mine.
Nathan: When did you get balls?
Simon: I've always had balls you've just never seen them.
Nathan: That's the gayest thing I've ever heard.
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purplepower, Burton said You Beaut

expat Logue to NM 1 year 2 months ago #34

Maybe Lobb offered him a room at his place in Melbourne while he completes his last year at Freo and when Logue had a look at Lobb's missus, the offer at NM all of a sudden was too great to refuse...
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Montrachet Logue to NM 1 year 2 months ago #35

Completely unfussed about this.
In hindsight Freo got it wrong drafting him at pick 7.
The fact we aren't going to get much for him now is moot.

He is strong, tallish, fast and fit. A very gifted athlete. That's about it. Good luck to him and North, they are going to need it.
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CaptSnooze, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

hypen Logue to NM 1 year 2 months ago #36

Bloody hell, Bizkit is going to boo Logue.

If Logue is pushing 900k a year. God help him. Kane Cornes and Matthew Lloyd will have a field day.
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itscraptacular Logue to NM 1 year 2 months ago #37

So no Old Bull, Young Buck this week then?
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Eggy said You Beaut

pollyanna Logue to NM 1 year 2 months ago #38

Yeah/nah - the Young Buck can get effed.
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number 2, Bizkit, moptop, itscraptacular said You Beaut

Eggy Logue to NM 1 year 2 months ago #39

Polly, they should have to do an "Exit Interview" version as a final goodbye.
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itscraptacular said You Beaut

Noddy Logue to NM 1 year 2 months ago #40

I’m gutted we’re losing Logue. He’s been invaluable, covering a number of positions over the last year in particular, and there aren’t many players who are so versatile, which is an underrated trait in the modern game.

I’m not surprised he’s leaving, as we haven’t been able to offer him a set position or role and I hope this doesn’t come back to bite us.

Clarkson would love having a player with the attributes Logue brings to the table.

I won’t be booing Griff, and will miss having him play for us, as I’m sure all his team mates will too.
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Down on down said You Beaut

dddocker Logue to NM 1 year 2 months ago #41

So, what is Cameron Zerhaar's situation? Can he be involved in a deal with NM in regard to Logue? We have lots of experts on this site.
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purplepower said You Beaut

purplepower Logue to NM 1 year 2 months ago #42

Unlike Griff, Zurhaar did the right thing by N.M. and signed a 2 year contract extension
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut