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TOPIC: Covid vaccination

Blue1red1 Covid vaccination 9 months 4 days ago #29

This was a lot to take in on a Monday Morning.

Someone alleging The Earth is not Flat
We have a talking Fruit Loop in the group that is triggering Shane .
Hypen can remember an East Fremantle premiership which we know NASA set up after they did the "Moon Landing Video"
Sector 164 has been visited by Polly and it has checkers in it
Larkin was abducted by aliens
There is a vaccine for stupidity and no one in the media is talking about it

It's no wonder I get to Friday and have to go get my booster bushchook. Shakes head and swears under breath.
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Tricolour said You Beaut

Drubbing Covid vaccination 9 months 4 days ago #30

unlike other vaccines , like polio or measels that actually prevent you from getting the disease , Covid vaccine doesn't, there is no long term data because they rushed it through testing.

Every respiratory virus mutates. These diseases don't, so high levels of lifelong protection is easy to achieve.

SARS has been researched for over 20 years. How do you think a vax was developed so quickly? The massive trials provided 10 years worth of data in 6 months. Most vaccines usually take that long to get enough patients. Covid trial ran for exactly the same time any other vax trial would.

Covid 24/7/365 has created millions of keyboard experts whose idea of hard research is random stuff on the internet which reinforces their own scientific ignorance.
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FD1016, Corporal Agarn, freo00, Tricolour, Burton said You Beaut

goodsteve Covid vaccination 9 months 4 days ago #31

I've been vaccinated and fully support it but i'm not sure name calling helps. Do you think someone with doubts will suddenly think, "yes, they're right, I am a moron"
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shane Covid vaccination 9 months 4 days ago #32

I do not think that. It's arrogance to think you could change their minds. Nothing will change their mind because they are morons.

But I think indulging their fantasy by engaging with them will give them a soapbox to from which to spread their nonsense to more morons.
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Walter the baker said You Beaut

Drubbing Covid vaccination 9 months 4 days ago #33

So let's ignore them and let them spread poo with impunity?

Calling out ignorance isn't name calling. Millions are ignorant of high school level science. We're all ignorant of lots of things.

Freo fitness staff are ignorant of most of the stuff they're paid for. It's a screwed up world.
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Raglan Matt Covid vaccination 9 months 4 days ago #34

Raglan Matt
Shane, set up another page, call it "Medic Land" or "Paranoidia" or "Slammenland", but get up and running before the pre-season draft, for chrissakes, or footy ability will be the last criteria for being selected in the top 10, or pick 19.
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jezzaargh Covid vaccination 9 months 4 days ago #35

vaccine hesitancy deserves some compassion and understanding. along with the anti vaxxers they are the group that are going to be most exposed when the border opens up...
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shane Covid vaccination 9 months 4 days ago #36

Vaccine hesitancy deserves some compassion, wilfully misinformed fruitloopcy doesn't.
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The_Yeti Covid vaccination 9 months 4 days ago #37

There have been way too many lunatic theories, conspiracy theories and a whole bunch of plain old con artists who are making a fortune from the gullible.

There are four different kinds of vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 and trying to lump them all into one pile of adverse reactions is craziness going crazy. SARS-CoV-2 is a single strand RNA virus, which is why it mutates so quickly. These viruses don't have any error checking on duplication (unlike DNA based viruses) and sometimes these errors result in a viable pathogen.

The vaccines give varying levels of protection depending on a number of factors but they all give protection. This is verified in the clinical trials. It's also untrue to state flatly that the vaccines won't prevent infection because they do. They don't prevent infection in 'some' people but even then they reduce the severity and long term impacts.

Try Googling "Long Covid" and you can read stuff that Lovecraft would have passed over.

The bottom line, get vaccinated. It won't install Bill Gate's nanochip, rewrite your DNA, give the mothership mind control or any of the other nonsense the fruitloops spread. The alternatives are far worse than the fruitloops would tell you.
Egurls Suck!
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FD1016, gemini, hypen, Strawb, moptop, Tricolour, Burton said You Beaut

hypen Covid vaccination 9 months 4 days ago #38

Can't log on to Dockerland unless you've been double vaccinated Slammen!

No jab. No blabb!
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Blue1red1, The_Yeti said You Beaut

Walter the baker Covid vaccination 9 months 4 days ago #39

Walter the baker
I accept that you have a right to govern what goes into your body but you don’t have the right to endanger many people in your community. We have thousands of laws that are in place that restrict personal freedoms but protect our broader society.
Re your (unfounded) concern about long term impacts, this might have some credence if you avoided all other risks, i.e. you stay true to your beliefs and you never drink alcohol, remove sugar from your diet, don’t smoke, eat meat ..... in fact don’t do anything that is much more likely (and has been proven) to be a risk to your long term health.
Only then can you say you are true to your beliefs and you can go ahead with your dull, boring and extremely selfish life (while sadly being a health risk to everyone around you)
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Strawb, Quasimodo, Corporal Agarn, Burton said You Beaut

Quasimodo Covid vaccination 9 months 4 days ago #40

People arguing the evils are f vaccination whilst having a smoke during their lunch break. :)
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Blue1red1 said You Beaut

Blue1red1 Covid vaccination 9 months 3 days ago #41

A COVID of Morons - Has a certain ring about it!
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zorro Covid vaccination 9 months 3 days ago #42

Now we see there are three West Coast players shirking the AFL vaccination mandate. Have they no sense of history?
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Stacksonthemill said You Beaut