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TOPIC: Rory Lobb

Morgan Rory Lobb 1 week 3 days ago #281

I have no issue with players and their representatives kicking the tyres on a contract with a new club, but if your player has has two years left on his existing contract, as a manager wouldn't you make some sort of assessment on the prospects of a trade before talking so publicly about him leaving?

I was pretty ambivalent about Lobb in the past, and I feel worse about him as a Freo player now, but I think that only amounts to greater ambivalence.
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Raglan Matt, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

FD1016 Rory Lobb 1 week 3 days ago #282

Sounds to me like Colin Young was the knob in all this…
Glad Rory is staying.
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Bizkit, itscraptacular said You Beaut

hypen Rory Lobb 1 week 3 days ago #283

I'm not saying it's Lobb's fault but the way things are being reported, its not a great look for him.

Shane made the point earlier about scuttlebutt but there has been a fair bit reported. Not social media speculation.
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Docker by the Sea Rory Lobb 1 week 3 days ago #284

Docker by the Sea
There was something to see here Lobb was trying to get out two years shy of his contract and didn’t mind what the impact was to Fremantle.
Well done Peter Bell by getting on the front foot and controlling the narrative. Young would’ve liked it all done behind closed doors with whispers fed to the media to suit a deal getting done.
Despite my criticism of Lobb throughout this period I’m still a big wrap for what he is as a player. Our team needs his attributes. He now needs to get back to the club, and deliver on the talent he has, and the pay packet he is getting.
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jezzaargh said You Beaut

pollyanna Rory Lobb 1 week 3 days ago #285

Admitedly I've always seen Lobb as an asset. Now I see him as a tosser.
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blockerhall, expat, stella, Corporal Agarn, freo00, Docker by the Sea said You Beaut

Bizkit Rory Lobb 1 week 3 days ago #286

None of this should impact peoples opinion of Lobb. It's his manager going around wheeling and dealing while Lobb always said he was happy to remain at Freo but was open to a trade.

There won't be any issues with him staying at Freo. I understand that supporters get angry about rumours and speculation but players have to look after themselves and i have no doubt the rest of the side will love having him still around. He's an incredibly important part of the side and hopefully he can teach Benning a few things next season as we groom him to take over the role.
Nathan: When did you get balls?
Simon: I've always had balls you've just never seen them.
Nathan: That's the gayest thing I've ever heard.
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hypen, jezzaargh said You Beaut

moptop Rory Lobb 1 week 3 days ago #287

He has Resting Bitch Face. If there's a more politically correct term for that I'm happy to be advised.
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pollyanna said You Beaut

Docker by the Sea Rory Lobb 1 week 3 days ago #288

Docker by the Sea
His next contract should be cheap given that the AFL community seems to be in agreement that he is the most overpaid player in the league.
Few credits to win back
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Docker by the Sea Rory Lobb 1 week 3 days ago #289

Docker by the Sea
Why don’t we now offer him a smoothed out 4 year deal closer to what he is worth. Then we can give the additional 200k a year to Serong on a new 4 year deal
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expat said You Beaut

jcalb Rory Lobb 1 week 3 days ago #290

The deal will still get done with 5 minutes to go before deadline. It ain’t over until it’s over.
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dddocker Rory Lobb 1 week 3 days ago #291

jcalb, if GWS offers pick 13 and pay a minimum of half of Lobb's salary over the next two years then perhaps it ain't over. Offering a future 2nd is an insult to both Lobb and the Dockers. Lobb needs to get a new manager.
Now Lobb has the opportunity to prove he's an A grade forward/ruck for the Dockers. The club will continue to give him every chance to show his worth in every respect.
Young tried to top spin Lobb but Bell smashed him away for a winner.
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R.Lyon Rory Lobb 1 week 2 days ago #292

First game next season play him in the ruck
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Morgan, pollyanna, Corporal Agarn, SteveShafta, IMBIBER, Rhufus, Docker by the Sea said You Beaut

Walter the baker Rory Lobb 1 week 2 days ago #293

Walter the baker
It will be very interesting to see how this is all portrayed in the doco that is being made about the trade period. It wouldn’t be the first time that situations that might normally be managed quietly and with little fanfare are deliberately amplified to add some spice to an otherwise dull production.
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goodie said You Beaut

Noddy Rory Lobb 1 week 2 days ago #294

I’ve been away on holidays, anyone heard what Rory Lobb is up to?
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hypen, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut