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TOPIC: The Draft

Gumnut The Draft 6 months 1 day ago #309

Callaghan will not be there for our first pick and JVR will not be available in second round. We need to hold firm and be confident with our picks and needs. From last year JVR was a standout and would have gone last year if he was old enough. He has continued to develop and now is a genuine option as a power forward or can be swung into defense in a shut down role or pinch hit quite effectively in the ruck. Jye Amiss is the flavor of the month and much of the enthusiasm for him is his conversion rate which is, on the surface, better than Freo's AFL side. I'm still yet to be convinced that Amiss is more than a one trick pony and has been effectively shut down by smaller opponents when he's played against the better sides in under 19 games. I'm concerned that we get a player in our sights and then in a burst of excitement we snatch the media's new must have player. In this case Amiss, when JVR is still the real deal who is a good shot on goal and offers far more than just a tall forward target who we still have to teach our midfielders to utilise on game day.
I'm just disappointed that there is every likelihood that JVR will be heading East so I just hope our recruiters know what they're getting in Amiss and what theyll lose in JVR.
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BA said You Beaut

Bizkit The Draft 6 months 1 day ago #310

I'd argue most of those players listed as a midifeld chance are a long way off the capabilities of Cerra, Mundy and Fyfe and you'd want to get more talent in there while you can. You'd want more elite players in the midfield rotation than bit part players, especially since there's often 8 or more of them on field at any one time opposed to often 2/3 key position forwards.

The list balance is something you want to weigh up carefully and with Tabs there for a couple more years, Treacy developing extremely well, Lobb able to split time between forward/ruck and Cox every chance to be a dominant forward, our key forward stocks aren't actually too bad. I don't believe our key forward issues are any worse than our midfield issues and would argue the talent through our midfield is in more need of replenishment.

We're almost guaranteed to add Benning as a long term option and whatever we trade 19 down to is likely to result in a key forward like JVR/Williams. I think there are clearly better midfielders than any of the key forwards available at pick 8 and 10 unless we're converting Gibcus to attack like Naughton. If we trade those early two picks down the order, we're probably signalling that we're going for a forward. Switching 6 & 8 for GWS 2 & 13 would be a more viable option for selecting a mid and KPF.
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blockerhall said You Beaut

purple kit The Draft 6 months 1 day ago #311

purple kit
I’d like to see Cox training with the forwards this preseason, with Pearce, Hamling, Logue, Chapman and Young all down back we should be covered for KPDs. Not to mention Ryan who can play tall.
Unless they do intend to move Young up the ground.
Wilson, Walker and Clark are too good to play for peel so one of them could move into the midfield (wing) position.
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Bizkit said You Beaut

Raglan Matt The Draft 6 months 1 day ago #312

Raglan Matt
Biz, I reckon Lobb is only still at Freo as cover in case we don't get a JVR or Amiss.
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Docker by the Sea The Draft 6 months 1 day ago #313

Docker by the Sea
I would take Erasmus with our first pick, any kid that can play 5 games in the Subi league team has to have something. Every draft predictor I see has him rated very close to pick 8. I saw one predictor with us taking Hobbs at 8, and Richmond taking Erasmus at 9. If they are that close seems ludicrous to take an interstate player ahead of him.
I would happily pay a little overs for JVR at our second pick. His output per game seems pretty similar to Amiss with some flexibility. I’m a little concerned that all the talk about Amiss is about his conversion, who’s to say this wasn’t an anomaly, remember Chris Mayne, or doesn’t transfer to AFL level. If his conversion drops off by 25% his numbers don’t look as impressive.
Pick 19 I would happily take Amiss if available or next best mid. The loss of Cerra is a concern. Fyfe, Mundy and Walters are huge holes to fill.
I worry we get a little too clever with our picks and outsmart ourselves.
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pollyanna The Draft 6 months 1 day ago #314

In my opinion - for what it's worth - Stephen Hill was a much bigger loss than Cerra. Cerra you can replace, Hill is irreplaceable, a once in a generation football talent.
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gemini said You Beaut

shane The Draft 6 months 1 day ago #315

Yes, Hill was a huge loss...in 2016
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gemini, Davo, expat, Raglan Matt, Corporal Agarn, Down on down, Fooz said You Beaut

expat The Draft 6 months 20 hours ago #316

I think we should focus on the mid-forward connection and go local.
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Walter the baker The Draft 6 months 19 hours ago #317

Walter the baker
Things are a bit quite at the moment ... can we do the whole Rich vs Hill thingy again?
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Blue1red1, DocDocker said You Beaut

darthmarto The Draft 6 months 16 hours ago #318

Not to play the trump card early or anything ...

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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

jezzaargh The Draft 6 months 13 hours ago #319

Peak Hill clearly better than Peak Rich

but, total contribution over the seasons, there’s clearly room for (un)healthy debate
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jezzaargh The Draft 6 months 13 hours ago #320

also, I really hope we pick up Matt Johnson
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dddocker The Draft 6 months 11 hours ago #321

So in the proverbial nutshell what we want are a tall goal kicking forward and two midfielders (replacement for Cerra and a potential replacement for Mundy). That's the first three picks. All choices will be subjective for a number of reasons. I think we have to pick Amiss as our first pick if he's there, Then the 'best' mid available (Erasmus, Hobbs, Johnson who knows). Then on day 2 (we have first pick for rnd 2) the best mid available.
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purplepower said You Beaut

purplepower The Draft 6 months 9 hours ago #322

Totally agree a big forward is a must and also the best available mid in our first round....pick 22 best available midfielder
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