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TOPIC: The Draft

Mushroom The Draft 1 week 2 days ago #141

Stop trying to invent stories, Corporal Agarmnut.
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Corporal Agarn The Draft 1 week 2 days ago #142

Corporal Agarn
Nothing invented at all Mushed Room. If you were perfectly happy to stay why would you want to leave, which there's no escaping the fact, that he did.

It's good for us that he is staying and hopefully he'll prove a few sceptics wrong, but let's say if it was you or me in our workplace, I can't see how the situation would be a happy one. Maybe football or sport is a different scenario?
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Gumnut, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Bizkit The Draft 1 week 2 days ago #143

It was said at the start of this trade period, Lobb was open to a trade but happy to stay. His decision to explore opportunities was reported as being due to his partner moving east. Freo always said it was incredibly unlikely he'd leave and that they'd be stoked for him to stay.

Why would there be any animosity?
Nathan: When did you get balls?
Simon: I've always had balls you've just never seen them.
Nathan: That's the gayest thing I've ever heard.
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Corporal Agarn The Draft 1 week 2 days ago #144

Corporal Agarn
Okay. I've obviously seen it a bit differently with Bell being rather disparaging in some of his remarks about Lobb and his manager saying how much he loved GWS and what a close knit place it was. Here's hoping it's a harmonious relationship continued or restored, he stays fit and delivers the goals we need.
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Gumnut said You Beaut

Mushroom The Draft 1 week 2 days ago #145

The only thing there's no escaping from is that it was not a fact.

Suggesting it was is as truthful and, more to the point, beneficial as J. Russell from Swanbourne's letter to the Editor* in this morning's West Australian suggesting the John Worsfold should be signed up to run the pandemic vaccination program.

*Note, I'm still undecided whether J Russell is taking the urine or not.
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shane said You Beaut

expat The Draft 1 week 2 days ago #146

I'm sure he hasn't thrown out his retro budgies yet, so all good.
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FewsterPewter Re:The Draft 1 week 2 days ago #147

Im not sure Bell was being disparaging.. whats wrong with saying the club thinks he needs to work on his consistency.. people are too bloody precious these days…no different to Fyfe needs to work on his kicking or toby Greene his brain fades..If Lobster is on 700k per year he is not earning it “yet”. He goes missing and his effort and body language sometime is questionable. Its a performance based industry. Buckle up Lobbster and rip the comp apart next year…
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slammen said You Beaut

Gumnut The Draft 1 week 2 days ago #148

Rory vastly improved his set shots at goal this year dispensing with his Josh Kennedy like Flintstone runup so he's shown that he can make necessary improvements to his game and I'm looking forward to what he has to offer over the next 2 years and maybe beyond. Let's face it, guys his size don't get smaller with age.
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Red Rooster said You Beaut

shane Re:The Draft 1 week 2 days ago #149

I have not heard him tell Fyfe he needs to work on his kicking.

What he did was, when a player was trying to negotiate a move, sent a message to the other clubs that he didn't rate Lobb very highly. It was a smack down.

He got caught up in playing trade games and forgot that his actual job was managing people. It's a performance based industry and I don't think that Peter Bell performed that great on that particular day. He's also the one paying Lobb the $700k a year.
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Raglan Matt The Draft 1 week 2 days ago #150

Raglan Matt
Mushy, John Who???J Russell from Swanbourne, I'm guessing, is another alias of your esteemed Lord Mayor.
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dddocker The Draft 1 week 2 days ago #151

Indeed we all hope that Rory Lobb will prove his critics wrong and gives us the sort of performance we expect from a player on $700,000 a year. He has 2 years to do this. We'll all be watching - with great expectation. I personally expect Rory to kick at least 30 big ones for the season. (That's a mere $23,000 a goal). Performance is important.
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shane The Draft 1 week 1 day ago #152

He averaged 1.5 goals a game this year so if he stays fit that should be fine.
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CaptSnooze said You Beaut

Docker by the Sea The Draft 1 week 1 day ago #153

Docker by the Sea
I reckon he sent a message to Lobb, saying we rate what you can bring, and you haven’t. You ain’t all that.
I say, welcome back Rory and grow up
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moptop The Draft 1 week 1 day ago #154

Did your cat just run across your keyboard?
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Blue1red1, shane said You Beaut