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TOPIC: Jordan Clark

Morgan Jordan Clark 1 week 1 day ago #309

Glad it is done and dusted.

Plus, Bell still has 30 minutes to finally square away that Logan-McDonald deal.
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purple kit, Corporal Agarn, Rhufus said You Beaut

Bizkit Jordan Clark 1 week 23 hours ago #310

Shhhh PK, let's not start another 8 pages of arguments!

Welcome to freo Jordan, I'm looking forward to watching that speed on the wing and a few long goals.
Nathan: When did you get balls?
Simon: I've always had balls you've just never seen them.
Nathan: That's the gayest thing I've ever heard.
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blockerhall, purple kit, Noddy, slammen said You Beaut

expat Jordan Clark 1 week 23 hours ago #311

Yeah I'm happy with that.
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Raglan Matt Jordan Clark 1 week 23 hours ago #312

Raglan Matt
Kick Belly to the bench on this trade and get Hayden Ballantyne and Dean Solomon to negotiate with Mr Wells.
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FD1016 Jordan Clark 1 week 23 hours ago #313

Very happy with the result, we’ll done Belly and Co.
Now we just need to use our picks wisely.
PLEASE stay away from those damn spooky Vics who all end up wanting to go home, plenty of home grown talent and there may even be a few from SA that aren’t bad too to choose from.
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fradonjan Jordan Clark 1 week 23 hours ago #314

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391 Jordan Clark 1 week 23 hours ago #315


Optus ... ~165 x 130
Skilled ... ~170 x 116

Kids going to love the extra space on the wings at his new home ground.
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Patient Docker Jordan Clark 1 week 23 hours ago #316

Patient Docker
Time will ultimately tell on how we win or lose on this trade period based on how the players that left perform and how the draft picks we make and the players we get in perform.

Correct me if I'm wrong but we have basically done the following
IN - Pick 6, Pick 19, Pick 61, Pick 69 Will Brodie, Jordan Clarke and 2022 4th round (Geelong)
OUT - Cerra, Pick 27, 2022 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds

I think we broke even overall, a perfect score (realistically) would have been if we could have got pick 6 and 25 for Cerra which I think in future will prove very reasonable and then on traded our pick 27 to Geelong for Clarke (hoping the price we paid for him ends up being very reasonable in the future but feel it's too much right now - considering Essendon wanted to trade for Bobby Hill for a future second round!!! I pray the Cats want someone we have in the future and we can return the favour so to speak!) and did the Gold Coast trade - We would then have gone to the draft with pick 6,8,19 and 25 and have our 1st and 3rd round 2022 picks

Just my 2 cents worth - be interested to hear others
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Bizkit said You Beaut

Docker by the Sea Jordan Clark 1 week 23 hours ago #317

Docker by the Sea
Peter Bell on trade radio. They see Jordan Clark as filling a role across half back, maybe wing. Said we had a need for that role.
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expat Jordan Clark 1 week 23 hours ago #318

After watching Jordan Clark's highlights, I reckon PAV's guernsey will go well on him.
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Corporal Agarn Jordan Clark 1 week 23 hours ago #319

Corporal Agarn
Valente already has it.
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expat Jordan Clark 1 week 23 hours ago #320

Valente needs to hand it back as he can't get on the park and take a number in the 40's or better still, take Cherio's no. 5.
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Blue1red1, Burton said You Beaut

Walter the baker Jordan Clark 1 week 22 hours ago #321

Walter the baker
If Clark was taken to fill a half back role it’s a wasted selection. It’s the one area of the ground that we have ample coverage. Shirley he has to play on the wing.
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Rhufus, Docker by the Sea, Burton said You Beaut

Blue1red1 Jordan Clark 1 week 22 hours ago #322

391, I'm thinking 14 meters isn't that much difference, that is not even wider than the verge on my front lawn, 7 meters extra on either wing, not sure that would be noticed hey? The way Belly is talking you'd think they are looking at him like a Wilson replacement? It will be interesting to see where he slots in. For pick 22, I hope he is filling a gap and will make us better. I hope we have done a proper medical on him and he is over his niggles.
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CaptSnooze said You Beaut