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shane MRO 3 months 3 days ago #29

This is why people get confused. They don't want to enforce the rules on people they like.
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pollyanna, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

dddocker MRO 3 months 3 days ago #30

Has McKay ( a veteran) been charged in the past? If he's a clean skin with no prior charges and/or convictions (I don't recall him facing the tribunal before) this would have helped his case. He's not the sort to want to hurt opposition players.
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pollyanna MRO 3 months 3 days ago #31

The same was said for that Gaffy Dog. I was surprised that he walked free - that Deaf Cheats player will be stuffed for a while.
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Blue1red1 said You Beaut

Straddo MRO 3 months 3 days ago #32

It's an interesting one, but that same action is repeated multiple times a week in multiple games. If you get wiped out for that, AFL is basically over as a contested ball sport.
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shane MRO 3 months 3 days ago #33

I did not realise that people were breaking jaws multiple times a week in multiple games.
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hypen MRO 3 months 3 days ago #34

Now watch the creep in interpretation each week as these fools at the MRO trip over themselves after creating this indefensible precedent.

What's contesting the ball got to do with it beyond classifying intent?
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shane, CaptSnooze said You Beaut

The_Yeti MRO 3 months 3 days ago #35

The real problem here is the AFL doesn't want intent to be part of the equation. They have made it very clear that 'outcome' should be the determining factor. This is why Hocking ignored the MRO's finding and referred it directly to the tribunal.

Had he performed the same action and not injured an opposition player, all would have been fine.

It's an absurd stance to take but just so AFL. Intent should be a determining factor regardless of outcome.
Egurls Suck!
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Raglan Matt MRO 3 months 3 days ago #36

Raglan Matt
I recall, Yeti, players getting a couple of weeks some years ago, because their actions provided the possibility of head injury, and the AFL stating that the outcome had nothing to do with the sentencing, it was all about the potential for injury as a result of the action taken.
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The_Yeti, hypen said You Beaut

CaptSnooze MRO 3 months 3 days ago #37

Meanwhile that Footscray goon who came full tilt at Logue from behind and knocked him out: was that even looked at?
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Corporal Agarn MRO 3 months 3 days ago #38

Corporal Agarn
I'm guessing you're not serious on that one Capt. It was Naughton leading to take a mark and Logue running back with the flight of the ball. Nothing in it except for Logue's craziness/bravery.
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Walter the baker MRO 3 months 3 days ago #39

Walter the baker
It seems to me that they couldn’t find him guilty because he didn’t break any of the CURRENT rules. At the same time, the AFL have signalled that they want actions that lead to head injuries to be banned. We should all expect that the rules will be tweaked to ensure that similar incidents in the future are penalised.

Now, back to the Bosch vs Miele discussion... fascinating interactions ... gripping stuff....
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shane MRO 3 months 3 days ago #40

They didn't want to make the accusation that he did something wrong. He bumped Clark. He turned side on and braced for a collision, rather than conceding that he was going to lose the contest and pulling up. He did nothing to mitigate impact and everything to make it worse for Clark.

People have a hard time accepting that. The idea that you should have to concede that you lost goes outside the spirit of football, but we are supposed to have past the point where we think winning the football is more important than someone's safety.

That's what duty of care means. The collision was in some part avoidable, he chose not to avoid it and the result was quite bad for his opponent. The rules say he wears the consequences of that.
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pollyanna said You Beaut

pollyanna MRO 3 months 2 days ago #41

When someone's face bones get turned into cracker crumbs something's wrong - it's not play-on.
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hypen MRO 3 months 2 days ago #42

AFL 360 are talking about major rule changes to ensure this doesnt happen again. (mcKay getting let off).

The rules are clear. This is a failing of enforcement and interpretation. Not law.

There seems to be this binary thing where you are either contesting the ball or bumping. Get over all that.

Did he bump? Yes.
Did it cause head high damage? Yes.
Verdict Guilty.

Now apply intent to the grading matrix, was contact intentional, careless.....and this dictates severity of suspension.

To me its all there now. Guilty people in life, when they know they are guilty make things appear difficult and unclear.
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The_Yeti, shane, pollyanna, Raglan Matt said You Beaut