TOPIC: JL on 7 news tonight

fradonjan JL on 7 news tonight 6 days 13 minutes ago #1

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The_Yeti JL on 7 news tonight 5 days 23 hours ago #2

Why do the meeja concentrate so much on whether Jesse Hogan's future is away from Freo.

He's a Freo supporter, his folks live here, he's from here and made it clear he wants to remain in Perth. Is this part of the slimer's recruiting drive to replace Kennedy or Whiplash?

I don't know how many times JLo has to answer the same stupid questions about Hogan (although to be fair, stupid questions are the only ones the Nose has to offer) Clearly Freo wants him to be a very long term player.
Egurls Suck!
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pollyanna JL on 7 news tonight 5 days 22 hours ago #3

This isn't funny anymore. The media - and I'll use that term in its widest possible sense - want Hoges to stuff up and leave the game. We've seen this before, with Jeffrey. With Hoges they seem to sense that he's on the edge or something - they're moving in to push him over. It wasn't just a thought bubble that some Victorian journo came up with - it was a rallying call that identified Hoges as a fragile target that could be gotten. He never said anything, the question was just floated out there as an "I wonder if..." proposition and everyone starts pulling on their kicking boots because a Freo target has been identified.

Jeffrey fought it, tooth and nails - Hoges is more delicate because he's had such an interrupted time getting used to the club (for a variety of reasons). They just keep asking the question to see what happens - they'll just keep pushing until something does.

Hold your nerve JLo, Simon, Belly and you too Jesse. Weather it - we all learnt that lesson from Jeffrey.
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Morgan JL on 7 news tonight 5 days 21 hours ago #4

JLo left him out of the team for ages even as we struggled to kick goals, said his attitude needed to improve, finally selected him and we now look like kicking a winning score and when pressed on whether he’ll be around next year offered ‘I can’t see why not’.

You don’t need to give the WA media a sniff, but JLo’s not going out of his way to put it to bed.
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goodie said You Beaut

Raglan Matt JL on 7 news tonight 5 days 15 hours ago #5

Raglan Matt
Morgan, it was proved with Jeff, no matter what the club & coach say, WA "media", once they identify their target, will just keep shooting. Nothing Justin says will stop this, let the media make fools of themselves, as they did over "Fyfe should leave" "Pav going back to SA" " Mundy off home" and all the other crap they have thrown in there ridiculous attempts to keep Freo in negative headlines. I know that the attacks on Jeff & Jesse are more personal and vindictive, but they all come from the same place.
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Burton said You Beaut

shane JL on 7 news tonight 5 days 14 hours ago #6

Longmuir is his football coach. It's within the normal boundaries of that relationship to coach him at football. Asking the same question like this is abuse. Abuse of the people and abuse of the privilege to be in the room.

You're a goose. You're saying a coach has to make decisions based on the fear of the media relentlessly attacking the person. That's the basis of a protection racket.

They asked. He answered. Next bloody question.
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Blue1red1, hypen, pollyanna, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Morgan JL on 7 news tonight 5 days 13 hours ago #7

I’m not saying any of that.

Look at Coniglio at GWS. Of course a coach can drop a player, but some selection decisions carry more weight than others - including in the media. Of course the media has started to ask about Coniglio (people on here have too), and if Cameron was asked directly if Coniglio would be at GWS next year and said ‘he’s under contract so I can’t see why not’ then I’d probably think that’s what you say when you’re not sure.

Jeff copped if from the media but the worst of it was when the club didn’t protect him and instead bought the into it all by suspending him for ages after he admitted having a drinking problem and banning him from the club when he most needed their support. It was disgraceful from all sides including from the club.
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shane JL on 7 news tonight 5 days 13 hours ago #8

No. That's exactly what you are saying.

To ask the question once was reasonable. To ask the question every time either of them step in front of a microphone, and make that the focus of the reporting, is harassment. The public don't care. It's insider media nonsense.

You've been taking snide little digs at Longmuir all season, so it doesn't surprise me that you'd be on board with this behaviour. You're not as subtle as you think you are.
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The_Yeti, slammen, Raglan Matt, Burton said You Beaut

Morgan JL on 7 news tonight 5 days 13 hours ago #9

You’re conflating two things: what the media is doing and how JLo is handling it.

I agree on the media. They are what they are and probably will continue to be. I don’t condone it at all, but it’s hardly surprising.

JLo has done a good job this year but I haven’t agreed with how he has handled CamMac and Hogan. That doesn’t mean I agree on what the media does. They are different things.

I didn’t think the last coach was the devil and I don’t think the new coach is perfect. How could he be, it’s his first season?

I don’t understand why everything on here has to be all one thing or all the other thing. Can’t someone like a coach like JLo and still think he makes some mistakes?
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shane JL on 7 news tonight 5 days 12 hours ago #10

I'm not conflating anything. You want to pot the coach and it suits your agenda that they are harrassing a Fremantle player, so you've shoehorned in an argument to fit that agenda

The question has been answered. The media get access to coaches to keep the supporters informed about what's happening, not so they can harrass people to get quotes for stories they've already written.

It's an abuse of the privilege they've been given and it should stop. None of it is relevant to the audience, it's just thug reporters getting their jollies kicking people.
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The_Yeti said You Beaut

Morgan JL on 7 news tonight 5 days 12 hours ago #11

Is it just people who don’t 100% agree who ‘have an agenda’?

It’s a cynical way to look at what motivates other people.
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shane JL on 7 news tonight 5 days 12 hours ago #12

Not at all. Very few people agree with me around here. It's just the people who I can see have an agenda.

Returning to the point. The question has been asked to both Longmuir and Hogan, multiple times. They have given their answers. There is no reasonable reason to keep asking it.
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Raglan Matt JL on 7 news tonight 5 days 12 hours ago #13

Raglan Matt
A lot of us at D/L take a potshot at various players and admin, but like an Irish family, we will shoot down any outsider who dares to attack them.
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Drubbing JL on 7 news tonight 5 days 10 hours ago #14

The coach is on a hiding to nothing whatever he says. But he can go on the front foot and start making Basil look stupid for being either deaf or dumb. He hates looking stupid - he's 7s golden boy and expectant lord mayor.
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